Govmint Review

A venture into foreign exchange trade can be the turning point in a person’s life for the best financial achievements. On the other hand, the foreign exchange market used by investors or traders dramatically determines how much a person can obtain from trading precious metals.

But, what is a trading platform, and what is the best trading platform available? Trading software serves as a conduit between a broker and a broker by giving information to make a successful trading.

So, what is the best trading platform available? We are happy to introduce Govmint.

This Govmint review will tell you more about this trading platform and, at the same time, see if this is worth your time, effort, and money.

Govmint Review: Description Of One of the Best Asset Marketing Services

About Govmint

Govmint is considered one of the best and most reliable silver coins and other precious metals dealers. This is a premier retail distributor of grade coins and rare collectible coins in the US and perhaps all over the world. You can see more information about the company and the founder on the official website.

On the other hand, Linda Ticen is listed as its sole proprietor in its BBB profile.

The real physical address of this online coin marketplace is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It hosts an array of high-grade coins and quality coins as well usually hard to find; at the same time, they also offer access to scarce pieces.

Some products offered are like ones in circulation; however, others are made particularly for collectors. Govmint review also shows that they sell coins, buy paper money, and ancient coins.

What is more, to collectible metal currency, this trading platform also assists you in figuring out how much the coins would be worth. This company has a good BBB rating as well as received its Better Business Bureau accreditation on the 10th of January, 1986.

What Are the Products and Services Offered by this Trading Platform?

Products Offered

Govmint provides an array of gold coins and silver coins. What is more, it also gives bars as well as paper currency.

You can check out the company’s product catalog on its official website. If you ask if they offer IRA services, the answer is no; they don’t provide any since the site has no details or information about IRAs.

At present, Govmint ships precious metals to some countries such as:

The United States, like US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico





The United Kingdom, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man as well as Northern Ireland

Govmint Pros and Cons

Govmint Pros and Cons

This Govmint review is not complete without mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of this trading platform.

Coin Grading Details

Coin Gradting

This trading platform educates clients on how to grade coins properly. This takes account of offering key descriptors of SP, PF, and MF coins and other precious metals.

MS or mint states are graded 60 to 70, while PF or proof coins are intended particularly for collectors.

Govmint also gives details about the 1 to 70 coin grading system and how to figure out the superiority of each piece you plan to buy or your own.

Selling Guides

Selling Guides

This is one of the most reliable sourcing coin companies that do not look forward to clients blindly investing their resources.

They provide tips on when it is the best time to sell and how to price the pieces and collections.

What is more, they also teach clients to whom to sell the mint currencies and for the best possible profit.

Variety of Coins

Variety of Coins

This company offers many kinds of individual pieces as well as complete sets of precious metals from all over the globe. Aside from the United States of America, coin origins take account of the UK, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, China, and other countries.

They also give details about the objective behind the coins they provide to the clients. What is more, this currency marketplace offers backstories that show the culture as well as the people from where the coin came from.

Update of New Release


Govmint provides the opportunity to keep updated about the precious metals or items available at this point and those that will arrive soon.

You can register by email and get alerts to keep informed, although you do not have time to browse the official website every day.

Research References

To include credibility, Govmint also offers clients online coin collection resources. This takes account of the NNC or The Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection, ANA or The American Numismatic Association, and KITTCO and Coin Week.

Fast Customer Support and Responses

Fast Customer Support

Govmint review shows that this company also received lots of complaints via customer service email. On the other hand, the best thing about this company is that they respond fast to these concerns and questions.

They have active social media accounts. This shows that this company does care about the clients they serve.

Any business company which does try to address coin and currency issues and order problems is a company that many clients want to deal with; however, it all depends on the compliant and, of course, the complainant.

Active Social Media Account

This company always updated the clients about the latest developments in coin by means of posting on their social media accounts.

You can follow this company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get daily updates about silver coins and other precious metals. This is a good sign that the company really exists.

If they keep in touch with their clients often, this only shows that they are reliable and do everything to solve and address your concerns and issues.



This site has Q and A section on its official website. One thing which always makes clients feel good about making procurement is a willingness to give answers to their queries.

Govmint review of one client shows that he has not tried to ask anything on the website yet; however, he notices that this company does reply to other people’s concerns or clients.

Given the simplicity of the responses the company provides, this makes them trust the company. Govmint also provides particular information like the size of the coin, purity, and year and tells you the specific issues.


This Govmint review also gives you some of the flaws that previous clients encounter when using this marketplace.


Some frustrations the client expressed represent how unpredictable the selling coins business can be. However, always remember that it all depends on the current economy. It is like purchasing stocks.

You place your investment on the line looking forward to a good return. It happens from time to time, but ROI isn’t always immediate. This can upset clients. On the other hand, you can’t enter into a numismatic accord without getting yourself ready for possible loss.

Govmint reviews show that this company provides compassion to buyers and does seem to have more contented clients than disappointed clients. Judging by their responses on social media, they offer an understanding of people’s frustration.

Clients sometimes feel rage at this company, claiming they do not receive the products they bought. Some also stated that this company stole their credit card numbers in scam activity. This is not about the company itself; it might have something to do with the bank. There are a lot of means to ensure that you receive the items you purchase or order.

Is Govmint Legit or Scam?

Legit or Scam

Knowing whether this company is legit or a scam does not come easy. The best thing to do is to check the BBB rating. You can also check Govmint reviews on different social media platforms.

Govmint has a BBB rating of 2.8 stars; however, this number comes from just twenty-six reviews. Anytime people give unbiased reports on a company, it does not take long to eliminate a rating. It can affect the reputation of the company, although they show remarkable proof of customer satisfaction otherwise.

On social media platforms like Facebook, this company has a high rating. Some previous clients reported that this company’s customer service is superb and are happy with the service they offer; however, others complained that they did not get their order.

Financial business is often the worst for getting unfavorable reviews as it involves a commodity to which many people are linked, which is money. On the other hand, we doubt this company wants to steal your coins or credit card.

On the other hand, alleged theft could determine the call for a site security upgrade if this business wishes to keep in the industry. It is not always something this business can get rid of when it comes to processing orders. It only occurs sometimes. There are delays in delivery because of weather or traffic emergencies, or a mishap could have occurred.

To Sum Up

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Govmint review shows that this company is not a scam but a legit precious metal dealer as it has a real physical address and a real owner. It is also BBB accredited and has received lots of positive reviews on different social media platforms.

We do encourage everyone to look at our list of gold companies we recommend as we keep it up to date with the latest information each quarter.