Fortress Gold Group Review – Everything You Must Know

Fortress Gold Group is part of the online precious metals industry and offers silver, gold, palladium, and other metal products. It’s a diverse marketplace, and investors wonder if it’s the right investment choice for them.

The company stopped taking new customers in 2021, and it’s unknown if that might change for the new year. With that, the website security registration expired, so it might not be maintaining its website. Existing customers can still speak with the Fortress Gold Group team, but it’s unknown if you may still buy precious metals.

This Fortress Gold Group review focuses on providing accurate and reliable information so that you can make an important decision while investing. It’s a free service that gives you all the information needed to decide if this business has what you need.

Fortress Gold Group Review – The Quick Summary

Fortress Gold Group helps customers with their investment needs. They can purchase gold, platinum, palladium, and much more. It’s possible to grow your wealth with few fees and other issues.

Chris Kline is the manager and operations director of the company. He took the world by storm. Still, the price varies based on your investment needs, such as whether you want silver, gold, platinum, or an IRA. If you’re interested in Fortress Gold Group, continue reading this helpful review!

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What’s Fortress Gold Group?

Fortress Gold Group is located in Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403. The company primarily offers precious metals. Generally, precious metals specialists understand things better than you and can help clients create the right investment strategy.

Overall, Fortress Gold Group is there to offer quality investment solutions to new clients and current customers. However, it appears that it’s not accepting new clients right now. The business seems to be in upheaval, which might be because Chris Kline (part of management) hasn’t done his part.

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Products and Services Available at Fortress Gold Group

Fortress Gold Group offers various precious metals, including those eligible for use in a gold IRA. You can find silver, gold, palladium, and platinum in coins and bars. However, the fees and prices aren’t listed up front from Fortress Gold Group. Therefore, you must contact the company to find out more.

Clients must call Fortress Gold Group to learn of the prices associated with their investment. This indicates that the business isn’t transparent with its dealings. Right now, Fortress Gold Group isn’t open to new customers.

Precious Metals IRA

Fortress Gold Group did offer IRA services and rollovers for an existing IRA so that you could turn it into a precious metals IRA. However, it wasn’t an IRA custodian company, so you had to work with an approved custodian as well, using Fortress Gold Group to set up the IRA later.

It’s unclear how the precious metals IRA services worked. Based on how other companies handle things, you can make an educated guess. For example, you likely worked with the custodian to secure the funding for the IRA. That could be from a bank account or wire transfer. Others may have focused on rolling over funds from their eligible retirement account.

Once the transfer was finished, you worked with the Fortress Gold company to select the bars, coins, and bullion you wanted for your account.

Can Purchase Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Most people prefer hard assets as an investment because the industry is shaky. The stock market often has people lose most of their money, so this company wanted to offer alternatives.

Fortress Gold Group allows you to buy and sell precious metals without using precious metals IRA services.

While it’s unknown what types of precious metals Fortress Gold Group offered, it’s safe to say they included bullion, coins, and bars in various styles.

Plus, the company was there to offer advice to others who wanted to invest in precious metals. You quickly got a response in most cases. Right now, the website is down, and the company is no longer accepting new clients. If you already have an account, you may still use the business to secure coins and use the services available.

Storage of Precious Metals in an IRA

The IRS doesn’t allow people to hold their assets for the IRA. You must use a depository approved by the IRS since it’s an investment for your future or retirement. Fortress Gold Group used Brinks Global Services, which is a trusted company in storage.

You’ve probably heard of Brinks or noticed its secure and armored trucks, so you know that it’s a prestigious company and gives you peace of mind. In fact, you don’t have to worry that your hard-earned savings disappear.

If you’re buying precious metals for a personal investment, there’s no need to use a storage facility. The company ships your precious metals directly to you so that you may store them in a safe deposit box, your home, or anywhere else.

Getting Started with Fortress Gold Group

You must contact Fortress Gold Group to get started with the whole process. Tell the company representative what products and services you’re interested in and begin.

There could be an issue with the company, though. New investors may not be able to use Fortress Gold because it’s not accepting consumers right now. If you’re already a customer, you should be able to pick up the phone and use the service. However, the website is down, so you can’t see anything or leave a review before you call in.

Still, representatives can assist you.

Ratings and Reviews about Fortress Gold Group

Before choosing Fortress Gold Group for your precious metals, it’s important to read reviews about the company.

The issue you may find is that there are few online reviews about Fortress Gold Group compared to other competitors in the industry.

Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints

One red flag is that Fortress Gold Group isn’t accredited with the BBB. It’s unusual for a business that’s been open for 25 years or longer. Plus, there’s no information about why it stopped helping new customers.

The Better Business Bureau offers a B- review based on how Fortress Gold Group handles complaints. You can’t find a customer review from the BBB website, but one complaint had been closed within the last three years. No reviews or complaints were filed within the last year.

The customer review opened by stating they tried contacting the company by phone and email. They also asked their attorney to contact a representative and never received a response. Since Fortress Gold Group had no resources on its website, the customer was directed to the email address.

Though no details showed that Fortress Gold Group scammed the person, the complaint went unanswered.

Other Customer Reviews

The BCA offers a AAA rating but has no reviews. When compared to other reviews from other companies, this seems strange.

Trustlink offers a 5/5 rating and has 23 reviews, and you can find 37 Trustpilot reviews from its website.

Since Trustlink gives a high score, it indicates that most people have positive experiences. However, most reviews were from 2015 or earlier, so the business hasn’t been active recently.

One person claimed that they made a small initial investment and were treated with respect. The representatives answered their questions and genuinely seemed to care.

Other reviews say the same thing, with one person claiming to roll over their IRA into a precious metals IRA. However, there’s no information online stating that this company specializes in those offerings.

Some reviews mentioned Chris Kline specifically, saying they were happy with him and his team. Those customers valued his insights and claimed that he was direct and honest with them.

The most important thing here is that many reviews note that they had never bought precious metals before. Overall, the company staff was knowledgeable and kind, offering solid advice and answering questions. They finished the call feeling more empowered to make appropriate investment decisions.

While there are few negative reviews about Fortress Gold Group, the entire process seems a bit off. Since the last review was dated 2015 or thereabouts, it’s hard to say what the company has been doing the last five or so years. People want to invest with companies that seem to care, and you don’t get the vibe from Fortress Gold. Since you can’t go to the site, it feels almost scam-worthy.

Most companies focus on providing excellent customer service, so they respond to reviews quickly. Since Fortress Gold doesn’t, it indicates that it might not care one way or the other.

Pros and Cons for Fortress Gold Group


  • Offers various precious metals and products
  • Has been in business for a while


  • Not accepting new customers as of now
  • Website currently down
  • Website contained little information
  • Confusion about precious metals IRA services
  • Few reviews and ratings compared to other companies

Final Verdict for the Fortress Gold Group Review

Choosing Fortress Gold Group may not be in your best interest. Providing accurate information about the company is the first goal here. That way, you know if you should become a customer.

Overall, Fortress Gold Group isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate company with appropriate products for the industry. While there has been a complaint or two, there are no serious concerns. However, Fortress Gold Group isn’t accepting new customers at this time. You may also find it underwhelming that there aren’t many reviews about this company.

While it might have excellent customer service and you may have a good experience, most folks claim that Fortress Gold Group leaves off important details you need to make the best choice.

Overall, there are better companies listed out there, and Fortress Gold might not provide the best outcome for your needs. Instead of Fortress Gold Group, you may want to think about dealing with another precious metals company, such as GoldCo.

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