Wheaton Precious Metals Reviews

A lot of investors are familiar with silver and gold mining agencies as one of the best investment alternatives, but streaming precious metals companies are less popular. This article will assess one of the best precious metals streaming companies, Wheaton Precious Metals.

What is Wheaton?

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp is a popular streaming and mining of precious metals company that engages in selling precious metals as well as cobalt production. This streaming company functions in the following segments:

  • Barrick Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Cobalt and other precious metals.
  • They focus on precious metals streams such as:
  • Constancia
  • Antamina
  • Penasquito
  • Salobo
  • Stillwater
  • San Dimas
  • Sudbury
  • Zinkgruvan
  • Yauliyacu
  • Neves-Corvo
  • Pascua-Lama
  • Rosemont
  • Voisey’s Bay and many more

Wheaton was established on the 17th of December 2004 by Peter Derek Barnes and is located in Vancouver, Canada.

The company’s main objective is to become the leading precious metals investment platform in the world. They will do this by offering a low-risk, superior investment medium to investors and shareholders alike. Streaming enables the company to control and leverage the production of gold, silver, cobalt, and palladium through mining, either owned or operated directly.

Precious metals streaming agencies are considered a sub-part of the precious metals mining industry. Streaming companies are the same as standard mining agencies but are normally viewed as a less precarious investment by comparison. A streaming company doesn’t mine metals directly; however, they work under a kind of leasing contract where the firm gives a sincere and straight reimbursement to adopt the rights to a particular percentage of the future earnings of the mining operations.

Streaming companies make ongoing disbursements to the mining firms, which are normally below the actual metal market price. Typically, precious metal streaming companies’ shares underperform against the increases in the real silver and gold prices.

Wheaton Goals

wheaton goals

The main objective of Wheaton is to provide value to investors, partners, and stakeholders by giving low-risk branched-out exposure and opportunities to grow as an investor of precious metals. The business model of this precious metals streaming company is intended to make investor and partner value via the acquisition of new precious metal streams, improving dividend yield with growth potential as well as spreading out mining operation exploration in the rules of the current contracts. Wheaton can provide you with these perks and, at the same time, lessens the risks encountered by conventional mining companies by forecasting the operating costs in the coming years.

Today we’ll share our Wheaton Precious Metals review, and we also invite you to visit our list of the top companies for gold investment.  

Wheaton Financial Stock Price Overview

Silver, gold, and other types of metals have been a sign of wealth ever since; the following precious metals streams also provide superb investment trading opportunities. Wheaton is not the biggest streaming firm in the world; however, in spite of being new in the industry, the company has grown to hold a $20,099 billion Market Cap as of the year 2021 and also trades on the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange.

Ex dividend date Mar shows that the trading has a fair amount of volatility; the record shows $34 85 a share to a soaring $57.89 with 2 054 300 shares traded on average on a daily basis. On the other hand, it must be remembered that the pandemic or health crisis was thought to be the main culprit of the volatility.

The company was able to generate almost $286.21 million in the last quarter of 2020, which was up only over 28% from the past year’s profit. In the first months of the year 2021, the company’s gold production is 178, 801 GEOs or gold equivalent ounce, as to 2020, which is only 186, 027 gold equivalent. On the 11th of March 2021, the company’s directors presented a dividend of almost $0.13 for every common share, which represents a 30% increase in past revenue or earnings.

Financial analyst experts look forward to the company earning a profit of $331.99 million for the month of April to June of 2021. This shows that clients can look forward to an average profits estimate growth of about 32.6 percent opposed to the same months in 2021. The prediction for yearly profit of the company in 2021 is anticipated to grow by more than 23% and reach up to $.35 billion. Stock earnings and performance experts are carefully assessed and learned by market professionals, and the existing Wall Street agreement has given the company’s share a target value of $60.45 for every share.

The standard analyst stock rating is signified by a 1.00 to 5.00 score, 1.00 is a suggestion to sell, and 5.00 is a suggestion to purchase. Out of eighteen market analysts, fifteen of them rate the company as a 5.00, providing it a buy suggestion.

What is the Business Model of Wheaton?

Business Model

To keep the sold long-term outlook of a business, it is vital to have a strong moat- this refer to the capability of the business to keep a long-term competitive perk over its competition in order to secure the earnings as well as market share. One important factor in having a good and powerful moat is an exceptional business model. While the business model of Wheaton Precious Metals isn’t exceptional to the mining business, it does have many factors which provide it a very powerful edge in its sector.

Wheaton has a wide array of insubstantial and vague assets, which takes account of mining agreements and brand recognition which provide the business an edge over other precious metals companies. Due to its market capitalization as well as agreements, the company can give you a good streaming service without spending a lot compared to other popular and renowned streaming companies out there.

Reason Why Wheaton Is Better?

leading company

Leading Company

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp is considered one of the world’s leading precious metals streaming firms with the best and high quality portfolio of low cost and long-life assets. The business model of the company leverages commodity values and exploration upside, however, with a lower risk profile compared to a conventional mining company.

Wheaton provides among the highest cash operating margins in the industry of mining, which allows it to pay a very competitive dividend and keep on growing via accretive acquisitions. Thus, the company has consistently outperformed silver and gold, and other mining investments. Wheaton Precious Metals makes sustainable value via streaming.

In real time, the company has streaming contracts for twenty-four operating mines as well as eight development stage projects. The production profile of the company is driven by a range of long life and low cost assets, which include a silver stream on Newmont’s Penasquito mine and Glencore’s Antamina and a gold stream on Vale’s Salobo mine.

No Direct Daily Expenses or Cost

Wheaton just deals with arranging, coordinating as well as doing these streaming and royalty deals, not with everyday operations of its chosen mines. This only means that with the exemption of increasing the capital required to fund the deals, Wheaton has relatively the least overhead expenses.

The company only listed $7.9 million in administrative and general costs in quarter one, together with $6.4M in interest costs. Essentially, $14M is general corporate costing, opposed to $198 million in reportable sales of precious metals, which is a uniquely low ratio relative to conventional mining firms. This is one of the many reasons why Wheaton has the top marginal rates in the business.

Multiple Streaming and Royalty Deals

Developing the foundation, even more, the company has many royalty and streaming partners that signify that the manufacturing woes at one mine will not cripple its bottom or top line if all is said and done. What is more, many deals in place signify they end in a staggered way, compared to altogether.

For instance, between the second week of February and the second week of April, Primero Mining’s San Dimas mine was idle due to a strike. San Dimas is considered one of the many silver-producing mines on which the company relies. Even if the strike just lasted 120 days, it did weigh on the Q1 silver production of the company. On the other hand, the Vales Sudbury mine provides a considerable increase in gold production with 91%, and the Salobo mine has a considerable improvement in gold production with a 38% ratio. Together with high realized values, having many deals in places enables the company to not be discharged by low production at a single mine.

Enhanced Diversity Production

Another aspect investors are bound to like is that this company has improved diversified its manufacturing in today’s time. This year, Wheaton is set to make only a bit over 50% of its profit from the sale of precious metals like silver. Before, this number would have been considerably higher. Rather, Wheaton has filled the space with the production of gold over the past few years.

Community Involvement of Wheaton

The company is dedicated to utilizing a varied workforce and promoting a respectful and safe working environment. All officers and staff are treated the same irrespective of race, age, sex, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, political beliefs as well as color. Wheaton promised to foster a setting that promotes diversity to boost efficiency and effectiveness. They also provide opportunities for jobs and advancement based on the performance and capability in their recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation as well as termination processes.

Environmental Sustainability

Mining operations are damaging to our environment; however, the company takes a practical and hands-on way to lessen its environmental footprint via a dedication to being a carbon-neutral streaming company. They also generate reports on climate change data and greenhouse gas via the CDP or Carbon Disclosure Project and have aligned the sustainability reporting with the TCFD or Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures suggestions.

The company also believes that energy production and mining are vital factors that might influence climate change, and these are the main area of focus for this company. Knowing that evaluating risks related to climate is material for the mining streaming operations, the company scans for possible dangers related to their mining agreements. Wheaton works to mitigate environmental issues of business-associated climate change by creating changes in policy where feasible and needed. The company does this by using different techniques to determine ways to find out and evaluate both short and long-term climate risks before going into new contracts.

Waste management is an ongoing local and international environmental problem in the industry mining. Tailings, the waste product left over after removing precious metals from the raw ones, should be deposed properly because of the long-term toxic hazard of water as well as ground contamination. The company takes a violent way to waste management and do research to make sure possible design threat or issues at tailings facilities are determined and solved by outside professionals and in-house.

Wheaton Precious Metals Pros and Cons

This Wheaton Precious Metals review is not complete without reviewing the advantages and disadvantages:


The Best Company

The company is considered one of the best precious metals streaming firms all over the world and one of the biggest firms in British Columbia, Canada.

Well Capitalized

Wheaton is well-capitalized with more than $20 billion in assets

Famous Investment Advisor

Renowned investment advisors like Berkshire Hathaway and The Motely have suggested this company.

Precious Metals are considered one of the safest and most lucrative investment vehicles.

Able to generate a fixed income stream

Predictable expenses lessen shareholders’ risk while enabling the perk of growing share value.

Offer precise stock quotes

Provide an interactive chart that has 1 X axis displaying time to give the audience insights about the current price and cash flow as well.


While silver and gold are extensively believed to secure investments, purchasing stock in a streaming or mining company doesn’t provide a similar level of investment security. Precious metals have a constant steady appreciation in price; stocks are able to lose cash fast.


The sector of precious metals is conventionally relatively volatile; therefore, investors should be willing to suppose risks.

Mining agencies should keep on negotiating with government and sovereign indigenous groups to keep on turning a gain and work in the black.

Price Flactuations

A mining streaming agency faces exceptional risks related to price fluctuations and geopolitical factors.

Is Wheaton Precious Metals Legit or a Scam?

Because this company has a good reputation in the Canadian Mining Association and also sees more than 2 million shared on average traded every day on the New York Stock Exchange as well as a $20 billion market capitalization, the company is surely legit and no a scam. You are able to know more aboit this company by visiting the official website.

While Wheaton Precious Metals Corp shares an amazing deal of value variation, this is to be anticipated in publicly traded businesses not related to public entities like a utility company. If you’re one of the many people out there who are eager to suppose the threat involved with the stock procurement, the company is able to provide a good return on investment.

To Sum Up

While there are approximately fifteen precious metals streaming agencies in the sector of mining at this point, the company is one of the best based on the industry ratings and financial data. Independent analysts anticipate the company to outperform its previous leadership going forward.

While this company has a reputable and solid investment, always remember as any business earnings and profits can vary madly from year to year, it’s always one’s responsibility to practice due diligence prior to purchasing any stock.