Review: Can You Trust The Company?

In today’s changeable and volatile financial system, it is just sensible to think about cost-effective and money-spinning ways of growing your funds and investment as well as retirement savings for a comfortable life in the coming years.

Precious metals investment is one of the most lucrative and sensitive approaches to boosting your savings. A reliable gold investment company can help you with your journey.

However, plenty of companies out there promise reliable products and services, making it hard to decide which one to work for. One of these many companies is If you are unfamiliar with this company, the good news is that this review will assist you in determining if this company is suitable for your wealth expansion and security. So, without further ado, let’s move forward to the review.

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Who Is Golddealer?

Golddealer is considered the most legitimate, reliable, and fastest precious metals investment company in the U.S. Investors searching for a lucrative way of growing their funds or retirement savings or wanting to add precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, palladium, etc., into their IRA or individual retirement account, Golddealer is indeed the right company for you.

Formally called CNI or California Numismatic Investments, Golddealer is an expert in gold IRA investing. The company caters to those planning to add valuable metals, including silver and gold, into their individual retirement account (IRA).

Gold Dealer was developed in 1981 and has been offering bullion and coins, which are available for procurement at highly competitive rates. You can also sell your precious metals at this company at a fair market value.

The company has three decades of experience in gold investment. They have already worked with many clients interested in gold IRA investments. Golddealer also provides accumulation programs for purchasing rare and precious coins.

They have a strong connection or partnership with storage and evaluating facilities that aims to give the safest and most securest holding area for your gold and other precious metals.

Last but not least, Golddealer is a renowned member of many professional organizations in financial investment. This takes account of the following:

Professional Numismatic Guild

California Coin and Bullion Merchants Association 

Industry Council for Tangible Assets

This company is also termed as an extensive online shop dealing with bullion. Also, it has a physical store in Los Angeles, California.

It is the premier dealer online for local and international bullion products, gold, numismatic coins, as well as other types of investment-grade metals.

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What Does Offer?

Unlike other precious metals dealers only specializing in silver and gold, Golddealer has a viable edge because of its many products and rare metals, including bullion bars and rhodium.

It is the only firm that provides a full array of precious metal options for investment and retirement savings.

The company is selling precious metals like gold bullion items PCGS certified rare coins, which come in sizes ranging from 1ounce to 1 kilogram. The bars have recommended weight and transparency from private manufacturers. They also buy and sell different bullion gold coins made by independent countries.

They also stock an extensive assembling of silver bullion coins and bars like the 1-ounce American Silver Eagle, 1-ounce silver round, American Silver Eagle box of 500, as well as 1 ounce of Australian Silver Kangaroo and palladium bullion coins and platinum bullion, silver bullion bars, physical gold many more.

They also transact an array of platinum coins and bars like American Platinum Eagle, Australian Platinum Kangaroo, Australian Platinum Platypus, and more.

Aside from the popular precious metals, the company also deals with other bullion products considering palladium bars and bullion coins, peace and Morgan dollar rolls, rhodium bullion, and mintage bullion.

Even if the company is a highly esteemed superb metal broker that offers different coins and bullions, it can’t be regarded as an authentic IRA company because it lacks a storage facility. But, they work along with CNT, a storage depository, thus offering a storage alternative.

This storage company offers insured storage by Lloyd’s of London as well as COMEX and Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Group certified.

Aside from being a valuable metal offering firm, the company also provides extra services to clients, including market insight, competitive buying, professional rare coin council, and free appraisals. They also operate an audio gold news channel that broadcasts professional exposition of the products and services to investors.

How Gold Dealer Works

The company performed and accomplished its operations by functioning as a broker for precious metals and rare coins, buying and selling a broad category of palladium, platinum, gold, and silver. They also buy and sell rare metals, including mintage bars and rhodium. You can also access the comprehensive IRA-approved metals.

Working with Golddealer gives you a chance to take pleasure in superb perks like national pricing, free insured shipping, bullion products, and zero commission on sales. By providing live bullion quotes, investors can get a fantastic opportunity to choose a superb value with every transaction or dealing, allowing them to submit the delivery address information.

Suppose you like to sell back to this investment company. In that case, you can get complete satisfaction on professional coin-graded service and rare graded coins and return that assurance without questions with a seven-day return policy and a full refund. Bullet-related coins are also offered; however, rates keep changing daily, allowing you to buy coins on the current bid value. This can be a flaw for the seller because he can lose in the process.

The company provides individual retirement account or IRA services in cooperation with New Direction IRA, as a result acting more as a facilitator of this service instead of a real conservator. GoldDealer fees or charges integrate an opening setup charge of $150, an annual administration charge between $75 and $295, and a yearly storage charge of $225—more on Golddealer fees below.

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Pros and Cons

This Golddealer review is complete without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of using this precious metals investment company. Let’s start with the advantages.


This precious metals investment company offers many benefits to investors. Some of these perks are as follows:

Fair Pricing

A lot of past and existing clients of Golddealer are impressed by the low process of the gold and silver being offered at the official website. Many investors claim that the structure of the company’s pricing is way better than other service providers, even if this was just based on some customer reviews online.

Educational Website

This is where these precious metals investment company is set apart from the rest. The official website is extremely valuable to people who are only starting with their precious metal investment journey.

Upon browsing their website, we found that there are solid pieces of helpful information regarding buying gold and silver coins and bullion and collecting rare certified coins. This is advantageous for new investors and those expensing their skills and knowledge in precious metal investing.

Superior Coins

The company claims to have superior and high-quality coins, graded as well as certified by the PCGS or Professional Coin Grading Service. On the other hand, we couldn’t establish this claim because only a limited number of clients support this claim.

Fast and Smooth Transaction

If you buy and sell gold and other precious metals at this company, you will experience a relatively easy and stress-free process and transactions. All that is required is to cooperate or talk to the staff, and they will give you the order form according to the product you want to purchase. There’s also no such thing as paperwork or tax for gold and coins worth over $1500.


Despite the many benefits this company offers, there are also a number of flaws that you need to be aware of:

Unresponsive and Insensitive Employee

According to the reviews provided by some past clients, there are many complaints regarding the employees’ unresponsive and unprofessional behavior.

Even if the staff is easy to deal with during the preliminary part of the buying and selling process, they aren’t as responsive and helpful once a problem arises among clients. This is the reason why many clients decided to stop their connections with this company.

Lack of Updates on Transaction

After you purchase gold or silver from an IRA company, it is just right that you get an update on your transaction, most especially when it comes to delivery.

Sad to say, Golddealer isn’t consistent with giving shipping details or information, confirmations of orders, and receipt of funds.

Also, there are some cases when clients often feel obliged to contact the company to know the current conditions of their orders and transactions.

Gold Dealer Review IRA Fees

Gold Dealer or California Numismatic Investments charges take into account a preliminary opening charge of $150, a yearly admin charge of $75 to $295 (scaled charge), and a yearly storage charge of $225. The minimum purchase amount isn’t indicated on the company’s official website.

Here is the breakdown of the company’s fees:

Initial Setup Charge: $150+

Yearly Admin Charge: $75 to $295

Yearly Storage Charge: $225

Minimum Purchase Amount: No Information Given

Preferred Depository: CNT Depository

Is Investing at Golddealer Worthwhile?

Many factors are considered while assessing the credibility and authenticity of a precious metal investment firm, taking into account web design, price mechanism, customer care, and customer reviews. With indication and reference to the well-searched details about review, it is irrefutable that this firm is worth investing in because it offers many advantages than shortcomings.

Is a Scam?

A lot of people ask if Golddealer is a scam. The answer to this question is a big NO! No fraud or fraudulent business can last for many years.

The company has been in the financial investment business for over four decades; Golddealer is a famous and celebrated member of many professional organizations in an international investment like California coin, Professional Numismatic Guild, Bullion Merchants Associations, as well as the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

The organizations mentioned promoting moral business standards regarding gold and silver bullion and S.D. bullion trading and offering lawful updates that govern the precious metal industry.

This company also has a remarkable reputation with superb ratings from popular and trustworthy review platforms. For example, the company acquired an A+ rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau and a triple-A rating from the BCA or Business Consumer Alliance.

Golddealer has been top-rated on PBS, CNBC, CNN, and BCA charter members for over three decades, a sign of its reliability and professionalism.

There is no harmful practice associated with this precious metal investment firm. On the other hand, even if this company is not a scam and is 100% legit, it has many negative feedbacks that cannot be taken for granted.

To Wrap Things Up

In this Golddealer review, you have seen that this precious metals investment company is a valuable metals dealer with a physical office in the United States with almost four decades of experience in financial investment. You also discovered that this company has a positive and negative side.

This money metals exchange company can be included in the top 10 precious metal investment companies. This is because of many factors, such as the reliability and trustworthiness of this company. The design of the company’s website is superb; customer care is fast and responsive, fair pricing, and lots of positive reviews and testimonials.

In due course, it is also up to you to decide which company to work with. Just keep the information mentioned above in mind to avoid scams and wasting your hard-earned money.

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