Investment Rarities Review

Welcome to the Investment Rarities review. Today, we will be going to review this precious metal dealer. Here we will talk about what exactly an Investment Rarities are? What are the services and products the company provides? Do they provide IRAs? Are you able to store or sell back with this precious metal dealer? Is it more reliable than other companies out there? So, let’s get started in knowing more about this company.


Review Summary

Investment Rarities Incorporated is a reliable and popular precious metal deal with a head office located in Minneapolis, MN. The company was put up in 1973; this precious metals company first and foremost specializes in the sale of silver bars and gold coins and coins too. After experiencing heavy development during the years following its inception, Investment Rarities Inc has sold a total of over $2 billion in bullion and coins.

What is Investment Rarities Review?

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For almost five decades, Investment Rarities Inc has operated as a reliable precious metals company, with an emphasis on silver and gold. What is more, this company will help clients in setting up self-directed IRAs. The company’s inventory takes account of silver and gold coins, which is more than silver bards. There is no product pricing given on the company’s website. A few of the renowned IRA eligible products are on hand in the catalog. There is no information given on the company’s leadership team. There is no palladium available or platinum product. This numismatics coins dealer is associated with Goldstart Trust Company as well as secures storage facilities that are run and operated by Brinks.

Investment Rarities Management Overview

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This precious metal dealer company was discovered by the existing owner/president and chief executive officer, Jim Cook. However, BBB listed Pamela Lovett as the operator or manager. Not many details about the management staff or owner are included in the official online platform or anywhere else online. On the other hand, we were able to discover that the owner and the president Jim Cook have produced a number of books about precious metals. Also, he periodically releases a market update newsletter and has a personal archive of blog posts.

Company Information and Background

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As mentioned above, this company was discovered in the year 1973, and the office is located in Minnesota. The company provides clients with silver and gold bars and coins. What is more, the company operates or works as a Gold IRA company.

The catalog of the company has silver coins and gold coins, and even bars. Both numismatic coins and IRA-approved coins comprise the products available.

Investment Rarities Review of the Management Team

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The company isn’t forthcoming when it comes to the management team. Neither the official website of the company nor its LinkedIn page offers details on who precisely leads and operates the company. But it is renowned n the precious metals industry.

Investment Rarities Custodians and Storage

Investment Rarities independent consumer reviews company details

Investment Rarities has partnered with renowned IRA custodian GoldStar Trust Company. In view of the fact that its inception in the year 1989, GoldStar Trust Company has turned out to be one of the most popular IRA custodians in America. After a few decades, this precious metal dealer company now serves more than 60,000 retirement saves from all parts of the country, with more than $2.7 billion in assets under the custody of the company. What is more, GoldStar Trust is the keeper or caretaker of almost 40,000 IRAs.

Set Up Charges

The website of the company conveniently offers a direct link to the GoldStart forms page. There are no hidden fees. The fees for a precious metals IRA are listed below:

Set up a fee of $50

Minimum of $75 annual maintenance fee and a maximum of $225.

$100 annual commingled depository storage charge

Variable segregated storage charges apply

Secure vault storage is given to clients through Brinks Global Services. This reliable company provides its clients with groundbreaking and state-of-the-art facilities for the keeping of precious metals. What is more, Brinks Global Services provides many choices of storage solutions for precious metals to keep them safe and secure. The company also provides both local and international vault storage; it all depends on the preference and needs of the clients.

The best thing about Brinks Global Services is that they have vault storage facilities on six different continents. All the facilities they offer are fully equipped with state of the art security system, which takes account of the twenty-four hours of monitoring along with patrolling securities for an additional component of safety and security. This provides clients with the utmost security of the gold and silver coins.

Investment Rarities Prices and Products

This precious metals dealer company primarily specialized in the dealing and selling of silver coins and silver bars, and even gold coins. What is more, the company also provides storage services via Brinks Depository. They assist its customers in setting up IRAs via the custodian the company partnered with, which is the Goldstar Trust. The biggest factor which will affect the long-term rate of having a silver coin or any precious metals IRA is the amount the IRA custodian fees for the storage of precious metals.

There are some custodians who charge clients a sliding scale fee which goes up as more and more precious metals are deposited into the storage or account, while there are also some that provide a low flat rate charge which stays the same in spite of the number of precious metals stored. Clearly, the latter is preferable for traders and investors alike who want to maximize their investments. On the other hand, GoldStar just charges a sliding scale of yearly storage or admin charges.

Fee Chart

Annual Maintenance Charge: 800 of 1% or equivalent to 0.0008 of the total value of the silver or gold in the account. The minimum charge is $50, while the maximum charge is only $250. If you have an account value of $75,000 or lower, you’ll be charged the minimum fee of $60.

One time Application or Establishment fee is $25

The processing and transaction fee is only $40

Distribution, Transfer as well as Wire fee is $24 for every transfer

Precious Metal Storage: $1.00 for every $1,000 value ten basis points- minimum of $100 and no maximum charge. A charge is because when your account is established and then billed yearly based on the price of the metals in your account during the same period your account was made.

Here is an example of the fee provided by the company:

If the value of your account is $50,000, the yearly maintenance fee is only $60. On the other hand, if the value of your account is $100.000, the yearly maintenance charge is about $80. If the value of your account is $250,000, the annual maintenance fee that you need to give out is $200, while for the value of $500, there is a maximum yearly maintenance fee of $250.

If you want to know more about the fees or charges imposed by the company, it is advisable to visit their official website to check the fee schedule. You can also assess the best IRA custodians as well as the charges by reading some of the reviews online. This will help you determine which custodian is worthy of hiring.

Investment Rarities Contact Information

This is a reliable company in which; you can visit their office at 7850 Metro Pkwy, Bloomington, MN 55425-1521. You can also reach customer service if you have issues or concerns to ask by dialing this number (800)328-1860. You can also contact Customer service if you want to purchase precious metals, and it is always available to answer all your queries regarding precious metals. You can send an email at [email protected] if you own or represent Investment Rarities Inc. Usually, the response time is within 24hours.

Online Reviews and Ratings

You can never emphasize enough the significance of going into the reviews and ratings over the net for purchasing something expensive and valuable, let alone invest your money. Getting information about what other clients think about a specific company can go a very long way in helping you in the investment journey, as well as assisting in picking the dealer or custodian which suits and meet your preferences. As always, gold retired collected the reviews and ratings online in one place.

On the other hand, when it comes to Investment Rarities, there are a lot of positive reviews showing how reliable and dependable the company is when it comes to dealing gold and silver coins. It has a high BBB rating.

But, it is all up to you to find out which one is the best, and extremely advisable to do your own research to find out if the company meets your needs or not.


Investment Rarities Incorporated Reviews & Complaints - Is it Legit?

Investment Rarities is indeed a reliable precious metal like bars and silver coins, and even gold coins. Some products available take account of bullion which can be held in a precious metals IRA. Some examples of silver and gold coins available take account of the following:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • American Gold Eagle
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic

If you want to know more about investment rarities, please feel free to contact the customer hotline number or send them an email.