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I felt it’s really important to let our readers know what we have planned for them as we journey into 2022 and beyond.  Since inception, Brandon and I have always had a goal to help educate investors so they can live out their dream retirement.  Along the way, we’ve become passionate about delving into financial hacks and ways to make money passively and it’s really changed the scope of where our retirement blog has gone.  So today I figured I’d let everyone know what we’ve covered so far, as well as cover what we’ll be talking about going forward.

Financial Topics Discussed on MyRetirementPaycheck

I’ve been keen on sharing websites that have helped educate me on investing. One membership I can’t live without is my subscription to the Motley Fool.  They offer stock trading tips and have many different types of investment subscriptions depending on your appetite, and I decided to share my experience in my full Motley Full review.

We’ve often noticed that we tend to assume a lot when it comes to talking about finance. For this reason, we’ve had some posts written that talk about the definitions of certain financial terms.  Like this one that explains the meaning of a golden parachute.

investingWe also try to get into local business reviews, like I did in my review of the GoldFellow store.

Long time readers know our affinity for the ultimate tax hack and inflation hedge, which you can learn about in our gold ira rollover guide, and we also delve into companies that are involved in the often muddied waters of gold dealers.  Companies like Northwestern Mint, 7k Metals, Nationwide Coin & Bullion, and most recently, the Westminster Mint have all become our focus on really delving into the space and making sure we are totally sure about our clear-cut leader when it comes to recommended gold companies to work with.

We constantly monitor these companies and update our gold investment company rankings often.

Of course, when it’s not all about investing, we like to talk about what to do with all that money we could potentially make from investing, which is why at heart we are indeed a website about retirement.  On that note, make sure to check out our pages about retirement destinations, such as this one about Colorado.

Lastly, we have gone into cryptocurrency investing to appease those who have the desire to learn about a new way millionaires are being made.  Hate it or love it, it looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay.  If you disagree, I urge you to read the Bitcoin IRA page.  Yes, the IRS allows you to invest your retirement savings into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Just ask BitGold.

And on that note, I’ll look forward to seeing what the future brings.   If you have any topics you wish that we cover, we’ll be more than happy to take your suggestions.  Drop us a  line any time, this is always going to be an investor blog, by investors.

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