Are Bonds A Good Investment?

When you want to earn passive income or save for your retirement, bonds may be a great alternative to stocks or real estate purchases. It’s a low-risk way of generating income that will give you peace of mind for as long as you want to hold them. If the idea of risky investments doesn’t sound … Read more

Financial Investment Topics We Cover

I felt it’s really important to let our readers know what we have planned for them as we journey into 2022 and beyond.  Since inception, Brandon and I have always had a goal to help educate investors so they can live out their dream retirement.  Along the way, we’ve become passionate about delving into financial … Read more

How To Close Your SunTrust Bank Account

When we originally open a bank account, we aren’t normally thinking of closing it. Usually, this comes later, after the account is no longer needed, there has been some sort of issue, or you have grievances against the bank in question. Breaking up with your bank can seem almost as complex as breaking up with … Read more

How To Close Your TD Bank Account

When you think of closing your bank account, do you think of it as a daunting, almost impossible, task? The thoughts of the fees, effort, and hassle that’s involved in closing your bank account is enough to make even the savviest consumer take pause and reconsider. However, closing your bank account doesn’t need to be … Read more

How to Set Financial Goals

I have a hard time looking at my finances and being happy unless I have an end use case for the funds.  Many years ago I started setting financial goals that focused on the short term, midterm, and long term.  Without an identified end goal, I found I was just saving money without a purpose, … Read more

What is a Golden Parachute?

When companies go through an acquisition or a merger, often referred to as M&A, some company executives are not retained.  In this event, they can earn a windfall of income in addition to benefits that are contractually guaranteed.  The various benefits can be earned in the form of stock options, severance pay, and even cash … Read more