How To Close Your SunTrust Bank Account

When we originally open a bank account, we aren’t normally thinking of closing it. Usually, this comes later, after the account is no longer needed, there has been some sort of issue, or you have grievances against the bank in question. Breaking up with your bank can seem almost as complex as breaking up with a partner.

But, it doesn’t need to be!

Bank officials will attempt to dissuade you from leaving–you are their customer, after all. Just know, bank officials cannot force you to keep your bank account active and you absolutely have the right to close your account at any time.

If you’ve never closed a bank account before, you may have questions about the process and the actual ways you can use to close your bank account. While most banks will be similar in their closing methods, you will want to check out the parent website of your particular bank when you are ready.

If you are a customer of SunTrust Bank, this guide will help you and it will ensure that you settle your account quickly and easily. 

How To Cancel Suntrust Bank Account

Who Is SunTrust Bank?

Before we delve into How to Close Your SunTrust Account, let’s first discuss who SunTrust is. 

SunTrust Bank was founded in 1891 in Atlanta, Georgia, and is an American Bank Holding Company. 

There are over 1,400 branch locations in the U.S, scattered across 11 southern states and Washington D.C. SunTrust Bank has had some controversies of late and in 2013, SunTrust was ordered to pay a fine of $1.5 billion because of “claims of shoddy mortgage lending, servicing, and foreclosure practices”. 

Before You Close Your SunTrust Bank Account…

Before you close your SunTrust Bank account, you should take a few steps to prepare for the switch. 

First, you want to get your bank account balance to zero. This is as easy as transferring all the remaining balance in your SunTrust account to another bank account. If you have a negative balance, you will need to make sure to clear it. 

If you have any auto-debits or recurring payments that go through your Suntrust, you will want to update this to switch the debits from another bank account. 

If your SunTrust account is the type of account with a passbook, checks, or it has an ATM card associated with it, you will have to return it to your bank. It would be wise to get copies of your account statements from the past six (6) months in case there are any questions about the legitimacy of the account you are closing. 

How To Close Your SunTrust Bank Account

Closing your SunTrust Bank account doesn’t have to be a headache and it can actually be quite easy. The steps you should take to close your SunTrust Bank Account are as follows:

  • Locate the nearest SunTrust Bank branch and plan to spend a few minutes in the location of your choice–ending an account takes a little bit of time, but not as much as you would think. 
  • Make arrangements with another bank account to have your auto-debits taken from there. 
  • Gather your passbook, debit cards, unused checks, and official identification to take with you to the SunTrust Bank branch.
  • Cancel all auto-debits and connect your direct deposits to your new account.
  • Check your SunTrust Bank account for any pending transactions and negative balances–clear them if you have them!
  • Bring your SunTrust Bank account to zero. 
  • Tell the SunTrust Bank tellers of your intention to close your banking account and provide them with your official identification and bank account number.
  • Collect, fill in, and sign the SunTrust account closure request form and provide it to the bank teller helping you. 

How Can I Contact SunTrust Bank?

If you cannot close your SunTrust Bank Account in person, you can contact them to discuss alternative options. The ways that you can contact SunTrust Bank are as follows:

Final Thoughts

You may have any number of reasons as to why you want to close your SunTrust Bank account. Whatever the reason, closing your account doesn’t need to be complex or difficult. As long as you do a little preparation first and follow these tips, you will be able to close your account as efficiently as possible. 

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