Bitpanda Review

Not to be overlooked, the need for bitcoin exchanges and associated services is skyrocketing. It’s becoming more of a chore to keep track of how many new services are launched every day. The inability to identify fake service providers adds another layer of risk.

With the number of services offering Bitpanda exchange with different deposit methods, it might be hard for most of you to find the best.

This is why we made this Bitpanda review to give you thorough information on everything about this advanced trading platform. Read on to know further.

Bitpanda Gold Price

Defining Bitpanda

Bitpanda operates out of Vienna, Austria, and deals in digital currency and related services. Bitpanda was first established in 2014. However, it went by the name Coinimal at the time. The company was founded and handled by three men: Christian Trummer, Paul Klanschek, and Eric Demuth.

Since its founding, Bitpanda has grown to employ more than 120 people, allowing it to serve the needs of its more than a million users. They trust the organization to provide high-quality service consistently.

Bitpanda offers its customers, specifically experienced traders, a fast and simple trading experience by using the PDS2 payment system, efficient operations, and top-notch security.

Bitpanda’s services, including the ability to purchase bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies, are available to users around the clock. Access to thirty distinct digital assets, including coins, tokens, and tokenized metals, is made available by the company.

What Does Bitpanda Offer?

As mentioned earlier, Bitpanda is a simple cryptocurrency exchange platform that only requires a minimum deposit amount to sell assets.

As a broker, the key features of makes it easier to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available without an expensive transaction fee.

The fact that the Bitpanda Pro platform provides its own fiat currencies separates it from a more conventional trading platform where users do business with one another.

The company’s pricing structure far exceeds the norm for its sector.

Bitpanda To Go

You may use cash in your secure offline wallets to make purchases in person with Bitpanda To Go trading platforms.

However, European investors will need coupon codes before they can redeem them at any post office. You may use the coupons for discounts anytime you choose.

Bitpanda Swap

Bitpanda Swap is a simple and fast way to exchange funds across different wallets.

Bitpanda Plus

The purpose of Bitpanda Plus is to facilitate the purchase of large quantities of digital assets at discounted prices.

Bitpanda Savings

Diversify our assets over time with the use of Bitpanda’s monthly savings requirement feature. This sum is suitable for purchasing bitcoin.

Bitpanda Metals

Bitpanda Metals offer an attractive pricing point for investing in precious metals. Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, silver, and gold are available for purchase.

How Does Bitpanda Work

The regulated company devotes substantial efforts to screening candidates to guarantee they are competent, dedicated, and share the company’s values.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Bitpanda has become Europe’s leading digital asset trading platform.

Each new customer must first create an account. Thanks to the Global Exchange platform, businesspeople from all over the globe may communicate with one another.

Leaders in the organization think this technology is fantastic for managing data. Traders are only allowed access to information that is directly relevant to their assets, including the following:

  • Daily Price Changes Due to Extreme Trading Volume at the Previous Price
  • Prices Over a One Day Time Frame Graph

All of the platform’s features and intuitive user interface are very simple to use. Customers may log in to their accounts using the web app or the Android app. Follow these steps to put funds into your account.

  • You may fund your account by clicking the cash icon that appears next to your profile photo in the top right corner.
  • Deposit whatever amount you desire in the fiat currencies of your choice.
  • You may make a bank transfer using either a Bitpanda Platform Wallet or any other type of payment.
  • After the sum has been entered, choose “deposit now.”

Is Bitpanda Legit?

If you compare Bitpanda with another fiat currency, it is, without a doubt, a legitimate company. In addition, they have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from real customers, reassuring you that your data is in good hands.

Client issues seem to be rare for this business. A shout-out to Eric Demuth (CEO), Paul Klanschek (COO), Christian Trummer (VP), and the rest of the executive team at the firm (Chief Technology Officer).

Based on reviews and ratings from over a thousand happy users, Bitpanda has been given 4.5 out of 5 stars by the independent review platform Trustpilot.

Benefits of Using Bitpanda Services on Fiat Currencies

Bitpanda is a fantastic choice for European professional and institutional traders and investors because of its straightforward layout. Some of the main benefits of this platform for a user include the following:

Merchandise, Shares, and Crypto Indices

Bitpanda is a marketplace where bitcoin, other exchanges, equities, ETFs, and commodities like gold and silver can all be purchased and sold with competitive trading fees.

As a result, it’s a good option for investors seeking a centralized hub from which to oversee their crypto assets as part of a diversified portfolio.

In addition, customers may execute selling digital assets swiftly and easily. To do so, you may install the Bitpanda Pro app on your mobile devices.

Using a Visa Credit Card to Buy Bitcoins

Citizens of countries in the eurozone may apply for a Bitpanda Visa Card. This debit card exchange offers cash-back rewards of 0.5% to 2% and has no annual deposit and withdrawal fees.

With cryptocurrency, buyers have the freedom to use any asset they like to make a purchase using their own crypto wallet. However, crypto brokers and Bitpanda users who want to hold on to their crypto space coins for the long haul may want to think twice before using them.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency-Related Index Funds

Bitpanda offers three cryptocurrency-only Bitpanda crypto index products and supports a large number of different Bitpanda ecosystem tokens.

Rather than buying and selling a small amount of each cryptocurrency on the whole crypto market, European investors and advanced traders may spread their bets by acquiring a “basket” that contains the top five, ten, or twenty-five cryptocurrencies.

The ease with which the most prominent cryptocurrencies may be held is one of my favorite features of the site.

Advanced Trading Platform That Can Be Used With Little Effort

Bitpanda has an attractive and functional UI. From Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to trade, the interface is straightforward and well-thought-out.

We are upfront about our rates and explain everything in full. Bitpanda’s mobile apps, too, adhere to the same general structure.

You can contact their customer support team to ask for the Bitpanda fees and Bitpanda payment options they accept.

The Bitpanda academy is a treasure trove of information for all types of investors. Questions regarding blockchain technology and how to utilize a bitcoin wallet, for example, are common among new investors.

Publications written for an intermediate audience include extensive discussion on consensus models and smart contracts. Each lesson ends with a quiz that is investor-friendly and consists of 15 questions.

Bitpanda Account and User

Everybody can use Bitpanda as an advanced platform. Bitpanda has simplified the process of holding and trading the cryptocurrencies listed under “supported cryptocurrencies” for European crypto enthusiasts. After verification, you may begin using any of Bitpanda’s accepted payment methods to trade cryptocurrencies.

Those who routinely trade significant sums of digital currency (termed “crypto whales”) may make use of Bitpanda’s trading premiums, Bitpanda Plus. You may get access to their Over-the-Counter (OTC) service, which allows trading in foreign fiat currencies for sums more than €1,000,000.

Final Thoughts on the BitPanda Crypto Index

Bitpanda ecosystem is a unique cryptocurrency exchange since it offers so much more than the ordinary.

You may use any of their cryptocurrency exchanges with a single Bitpanda account, so after you’ve gotten the hang of trading on one, you can quickly upgrade to the other without having to create and verify a new Bitpanda account.

You can trust them with your money because of how they manage security, and you’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times because of the detailed explanations they provide.

We hope that this Bitpanda review has helped you to decide whether to use their services.

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