Retirement Jobs That Pay Well

Who knows what “retired” implies anymore? Are you one of those who have left the career you previously had in the 40-hour-a-week workforce? But now, you do not wish to be glued to your sofa watching puppy and kitten videos.

You like to be active, you wish to work, and you like to make money to support your awesome retirement plans.

Retirement jobs or retirement income might seem like oxymorons, but they are a more reasonable pursuit these days than in years past due to advancing life expectancies and improved health among senior citizens.

Most people reach the so-called retirement age and are in no way done with being productive. Most continue in part-time gigs and freelance jobs, whether in brick-in-mortar settings, from home or even outdoors.

Fortunately, there are many ways to bring in that extra retirement income to augment your pension, social security, or other retirement funds. We have rounded up different ideas for good retirement job opportunities for retirees that provide flexible hours, amazing job opportunities, or both. Whether you’re actively looking for cool retirement jobs, low stress jobs after retirement, or fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune, this article covers all of these things.

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Retirement Jobs from Home

You may have planned well in anticipation of your golden years, but you may still wish to learn how to generate extra money in retirement. Fortunately, there are many work-from-home job opportunities for retirees like you.

No matter what skills you have, you can save money by sharing your talents with the workforce. Here are some recommendations for you to consider.

Video Editor

video editor

Video and film editing is a fast-growing industry. Why don’t you put it into your list of choices for work-from-home jobs for seniors?

This retirement job involves taking raw footage, dragging out some of the best shots-sound, image, and dialogue, and putting it back into smooth and virtually appealing footage. Do not let the industry’s language dishearten you. You can easily learn video editing on Udemy for free!

If you do not want to stay idle, this job will surely keep you well entertained and occupied. On average, the median pay for a freelance video editor gets at least $28 per hour. If you are highly proficient, you can earn at least $62 per hour! How cool is that?



Have you recently worked as a bookkeeper or accountant? There’s nothing stopping you from continuing this job from home. Most small to medium businesses need somebody to reconcile their books prepare taxes, help with payroll, and add account receivable and payable entries.

You will find numerous companies recruiting remote part-time or full-time bookkeepers. You can find a variety of at-home bookkeeping and account with firms such as or BookMinders.

Administrative Assistant

Are you looking for some administrative jobs? Why don’t you become one of those administrative assistants after your retirement? Legal administrative assistants could earn at least $48,000 annually with a low $27,000 to a high $65,000.

Online Tutor

online tutor

Are you a retired school teacher with a college degree? There are many online tutoring platforms that are searching for someone like you. For instance, VIPKid is always recruiting substitute teachers for qualified teachers to teach Chinese and English students online.

Have you considered substitute teaching English as an option but don’t have the expertise? Don’t worry. You can still provide this service via Cambly. As a substitute teacher, you can hold conversations with different students across the globe so they can learn English better.


Do you have a sharp eye and great grammar skills? You can spare your time to proofread eBooks, technical journals, documents, and fictional novels. Numerous companies are always searching for qualified people to join their teams.

Also, you can help out within the legal profession by offering a proofreading service to court reporters. That’s a lucrative way for a retiree like you to earn extra cash, not to mention you can easily set your own hours. Cool, right?


Are you a mechanic at heart? Do you have a free garage space in your home and tools? Then why don’t you begin a home mechanic business? We have met many people who do not trust huge mechanic shops and would rather partner with a local home mechanic whom they can trust.

The good thing about having your own business is that the more specialized the work, the more you can charge. For instance, diesel or motorcycle mechanics can often charge a premium for their services because they are in higher demand.

Business or Management Consultant

A lucrative service that you can offer as a retiree, especially if you have senior-level expertise, is to offer an at-home consultancy service. As a business or management consultant, you can set your own hours with favorable rates.

You can share your expertise and give advice to companies, startups, and small businesses. You can also even provide your services to your previous employer.


This is the ideal work-from-home job for a retiree, especially if you have fast and accurate typing as well as decent computer skills. There’s no need for phone conversations to reply through email and transcribe whatever video or audio you are sent.  

With the massive explosion of podcasts and vlogs, transcriptions are always in demand. There are also a variety of companies offering global transcription opportunities for total beginners and experts alike.

Opportunities for baby boomers are accessible through famous transcription sites such as Transcription Hub, TranscribeMe, Rev, GoTranscript, and many more. This retirement job opportunity is a good way to start earning money during your free time at home.

Customer Service Representative

Do you enjoy dealing with the public? Do you have good communication skills? You can find a remote customer service rep job listing with a number of business owners.

You can utilize membership sites such as FlexJobs to determine which full-time job or part-time job is currently available.

Most retirees may assume that retirement planning is all about traveling the world and having the time to do whatever they like. However, many baby boomers enjoy working with a flexible schedule to work as and when they wish to.

Being able to do a WFH job is the best of both worlds, as you can make a great work-life balance and still find time to do the things you like. Also, you can work in any industry, like education, technology, health care, health insurance, and so much more.

Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Many of the examples here need your physical presence on-site, but there are also remote jobs that can be done in the comfort of your home.

As you browse these many jobs, bear in mind that if you’re collecting Social Security, you can only earn a particular amount every month before your benefits are deducted.

Here are some best jobs for baby boomers to consider.

Substitute Teacher

substitute teacher

Let’s face it. Substitute teachers have never been more substantial than today. The coronavirus pandemic raised the possibility that a teacher might be out of the classroom, either recuperating or awaiting test results.

When that happens, most of their students need somebody else to teach them—that could be you. Many school districts have lenient requirements for substitute teachers, frequently needing only a bachelor’s degree without teaching experience.

To be successful in this, you must be prepared to handle a room full of twenty or so kids of different ages. However, it could pay off. For instance, Chicago school districts pay as much as $200 per day for a full day of work.

If you have a Master’s Degree, you may be eligible to be an adjunct instructor at a 4-year university or a community college.

Specialty Store Employee

You easily know which fabric store to go to if the employees know the difference between silk and chiffon. You know which hardware shop to go to get some advice from someone who has fixed a toilet in their life.

You can be one of those employees. During your life, you have become skilled in a few aspects of daily or household life. People with your skills and knowledge are employed by companies to help folks who don’t yet have that expertise.

Stores that serve a certain type of customer would like to hire somebody they do not have to train extensively. PayScale mentioned that the median hourly pay for a hardware store employee is $13.

Meanwhile, a sales associate at a specialty store will make an average of more than $10 per hour, perhaps more now that the minimum wage is increasing across the country.

Butcher or Baker

baker or butcher

Did you grow up baking your own bread at home, and your cupcakes were iconic at your children’s school events?

Maybe you understand your way around a rump roast or can determine all the different meat cuts they provide at your local butcher.

You can easily turn your lifelong interest in food preparation into a part-time job. You are more likely to be welcomed as you do no need as much training as a beginner. Also, your nearest grocery store would be an excellent place to begin, letting the recruiter know that you have a background as a baker or butcher.

Those are specialty skills and, as such, get paid a lot better than other positions.

Seasonable Job Employee

Do you still recall when you had your summer job as a teen or a part-time job during your winter break from college? The same thing applies when you are considering some extra money.

Most seasonal jobs are determined by the weather—which is determined by the time of the year and the region’s climate. These seasonable jobs are also popular, never go out of style, and can be a fun job to look forward to.

Water parks in the summer and ski resorts in the winter are two good examples that need seasonal employees. However, it’s not necessary to be a lifeguard or ski instructor, either. These places need more assistance in areas outside of their key purpose: customer service, transportation, and security.

Even the National Park Service employs seasonal temps. On top of that, included in the seasonal work are holiday job positions from October to December.

Shelving of new goods, custodial services, truck unloading, and on-site customer service is among the top job listings for which giant box stores are likely to need new staff.

Freelance Bartender

Keep in mind that freelance bartending does not need bartending school and could earn you good money working at major events or small, private parties. The median hourly pay for freelance bartenders could be somewhere from $20 to $50, even before the tips.  

Can you memorize different cocktail recipes? Do you have an outgoing personality? Have a stable hand? Are you willing to cut people off if necessary? This job could be a good option for you.

Your option is to start out tending the bar for the folks you know in the community and then start building a network of referrals.  This will be much easier in retirement destinations like Florida or Arizona.

It will also help if you plan some up-front expenses, like basic bar tools and a portable bar (if the host does not have one). Remember that the host is anticipated to supply the mixers and alcohol. The safeguard against potential liability, you might like to consider an annual liability policy.

Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Freelance writers no longer offer articles—it’s now referred to as content—freelance writing is a gig that could provide the freedom to accept the tasks you like. There are many companies that will connect freelance writers to companies or people in need of cover letters, resumes, blogs, marketing content, and so much more.

The average rate per hour is a bit more than $20, but you are often paid by the word or per assignment. Thus, the pay varies a lot. If you just have writing skills in certain topics such as medicine or science, the pay could be a little higher.

Writing skills rarely reduce, but the requirements for writing change over time. A decent knowledge of SEO will open more doors for you. Also, most jobs that utilize job sites, such as Indeed, ask for candidates to take a writing test. However, most of those are basic proofreading and grammar tests.

There are some instances where somebody requires a one-off writing assignment. This is where freelancing provides consistent, if infrequent, work. If you’re a retiree who can write, expect to have a client for years!

Virtual Assistant

VAs are independent contractors who provide business solutions virtually. Such services can include marketing assistance, website design, website management, blog writing, email correspondence, social media postings, and more. This type of work is well-suitable for flexible hours.

ZipRecruiter demonstrated over 221,000 VA jobs, recommending that a VA could make an average annual salary of $60,000, depending on the work needed.

You’re more likely to work on an hourly wage identified by your experience and the amount of work you’re obliged to do. There are also numerous job firms that offer VAs. You can sign on with them and accept the work as it’s provided to you.

Any task which could be done virtually through your computer is likely to be requested by a VA. Also, companies would rather pay a freelancer than an employee to perform the work.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is one of those jobs you think, “I could do that too!” Sites, organizations, and businesses host tours in many sizes and shapes, from museums to historical sites, from behind-the-scenes workplace tours to outdoor walking tours.

They can be a daily part of a business or a scheduled appointment. What all these have in common is a tour leader.

Remember that these jobs need knowledge about the subject as well as the skills to tell a good story—often while strolling backward. A tour guide can make a salary of $20 per hour, not to mention they are given tips by tour participants. 

That could be a dream job for somebody who knows the subject quite well and loves to retell stories about architecture, natural science, or history. If this job appeals to you, do not ignore a special area of knowledge you have built throughout all those years in your workplace.

Shuttle Bus Driver

You will find many types of jobs under the shuttle bus driver. Most hotels have shuttles from and to airports. Community centers, churches, and senior citizen homes provide shuttles to grocery stores or shopping areas.

The median hourly pay for a shuttle bus driver can average more than $13 per hour, and that is not including tips from happy riders. Like those school bus drivers, a commercial driver’s license might be needed.

You will also find various state laws about licensing for shuttle bus drivers. For example, a specialized license might be needed if the bus holds a particular number of people or is a specific size. Your state motor vehicle site will also tell you what is needed within your region, and any potential employer will be familiar as well.

School Bus Driver

A school bus driver can earn about an hourly rate of $20. They have regular hours with the chance to earn more for outings and field trips. Other states need a particular license or oblige you to pass a driving test to qualify for the job.

This job is more likely to have more than simply driving. You may be requested to handle students on the bus and might be called upon to discipline rowdy learners or those who’re making the trip unsafe.

A tolerance for kids of all ages is a crucial job requirement.

School Support Worker

Most school districts are on the lookout for recess supervisors, crossing guards, and other positions. A call to your high school, middle, or elementary school could lead you to the best retirement jobs that would fit your schedule.

Even better, look online for jobs in your school district. That will offer you an array of what is there. These jobs for old retirees are the classic one that gets you out of the house, lets you have contact with your neighbors, and lets you provide safety and security with another set of adult eyes on kids.

Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement

Getting low-stress jobs after retirement is an excellent step after your active workdays are over. On top of keeping you energetic, a job after retirement could help you find your purpose again or get the opportunity to indulge in something you’re passionate about.

Therefore, what is your preference? Is it to go back to physical work or hustle online? No matter what your liking might be, there are different job openings for a retiree like you! This section has reviewed the best low-stress jobs for 55 and older retirees.

Keep in mind that these opportunities range from high-paying gigs to low-paying gigs. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Airbnb Host

Do you have a guest room or extra room in the backyard? Perhaps you’re searching for the best job for seniors over 55. Stop looking, and it’s time to turn your home into a breakfast location or accommodation.

An online marketplace, Airbnb provides homestays for tourists across the globe. On average, an Airbnb host could make at least $100 per day.

Decorating your guest house and making a welcoming vibe will help Airbnb rank you as a super host. As such, you can earn at least $10,000 per month. How cool is that?

Park Aide

Park Aide

Almost similar to park rangers, a park aide welcomes guests to beaches, camps, historical sites, and campsites. Other jobs involve interacting with guests, collecting camp fees, and doing facility cleaning.

In the majority of cases, you must have a valid driver’s license. A park aide often earns between $12 to $17 per hour.

Park Ranger

Enrolling as a park ranger for nature lovers is a great low-stress job after retirement. You get to engage with the public if taking them around on tours.

If you decide to apply for a national park ranger, you must have a driver’s license. If you wish to become a park manager, a college degree in this field comes in very handy.

Remember that it is the government that provides these job openings with an average annual salary of $30,000 to $70,000. Also, the private sector has lots of openings where you may end up working for big conservancies abroad.

Personal Shopper

Do you love short walks and feel that you still have some taste for fashion? Then a job as a personal shopper is one of the best jobs for many retirees that you can consider.

What this job entails is helping other people to shop by offering them your guidance and shopping tips. You can apply for this at boutique shops providing personal shopper services or be a freelancer helping out your clients.

Giving your services to fellow retirees is perfect, as you know one another’s preferences a lot better. That being said, you should not limit yourself to a good fashion touch. You could help out younger clients as well.


Are you a book lover? Running a library is the perfect part-time job for retirees at home. It offers you a relaxing and silent environment.

On top of that, you get sufficient time to read lots of materials during your free time, which makes it a wonderful, stress-free job after your retirement.

But to become one, you must have basic communication skills, not to mention you should also have basic computer skills. The job of a librarian is mostly full-time, and you can earn at least $50,000 and $70,000 per year.

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Consultancy is a good opportunity to utilize your experience and knowledge when retirement comes. You will simply need to continue with the work you’re already doing, but now you have become your own boss.

Older consultants are preferred because of their expertise level in the field. Also, consultants in the areas of management, business, medicine, and finance earn quite a lot. You have your own hourly rate of $50 to $150.

Professional Cuddler

Did you know that professional cuddling is a kind of therapy? It is also known as touch therapy. If you’re a great listener, understanding, and compassionate, you have the tools to become a professional cuddler.

That’s one of the perfect jobs for senior retirees, as you get to comfort folks suffering from low self-esteem, pain, and anxiety. You can also earn at least $40 per hour for simply being you and offering bear hugs. Cool, right?

Event Coordinator or Event Planner

Do you love parties, birthdays, weddings, or other such functions? Perhaps it is time for you to become an event planner or event staff. You’ll find a huge amount of personal fulfillment and happiness in making an event successful. You also get to enjoy becoming your own boss!

On the other hand, you can subcontract your services and offerings to a well-established firm. That’s a flexible and stress-free job after retirement, as parties and functions are mainly held in the evening and during the weekends.

What’s more, you get to have fun engaging and participating in the events. Keep in mind that an event planner startup will allow you to earn at least $8 to $15 per hour and about $150 per day after you have understood the ropes.

Massage Therapist

Let’s face it. A massage therapist is a soothing, low-anxiety job for retirees. To be successful in this job, you must help your client relax, making a soothing environment for you as well.

The hours are extremely flexible, and better yet, you can do this from home, a spa, a sports facility, a health facility, or from the home of your clients.

Massage therapists need a high school diploma and certification to practice. The income is between $20 and $30 for those long-hour sessions.

Dog Walker or Pet Sitting

Dog Walker

Are you a pet lover? Then pet sitting is the ideal work for retirees. Other pet owners like hiring someone to handle their furry friends than taking them to a pet care home. Engaging and playing with pets is a fun second career for retirees.

Payment for dog walking has a median hourly pay of $17 to $40 per walk. Also, a pet sitter can earn at least $20 for twenty-five minutes of a pet-sitting session. If the dog or cat is to be entrusted to you overnight, the payment often comes to as much as $200.

House Sitter

House sitting is one of the most comfortable and stress-free jobs for retirees out there. All you must do as a house sitter is stay in the house of your current employer and do simple tasks like feeding the dog.

You will have sufficient time to rest, and you can also bring your laptop and do other jobs, such as blogging, at the same time. Talk about killing two birds at the same time.

The median hourly pay for house sitting varies on the employer, but on average, you can earn a median hourly pay of $34.

Real Estate Agent

Do you have an eye for properties? Then becoming a real estate agent is among the best jobs for retirees you can consider. You will have the privilege of meeting and engaging with new people every day.

The best part here is that the pay is huge. Real estate agents have an average annual salary of $40,000 to $110,000 per year. Nonetheless, this gig is a full-time job. That means you must be a legal resident of your country and pass the real estate exam to get a license.

Private Investigator

Do you like investigative jobs? Then becoming a private investigator is good work for retirees’ employment. Perform research and investigations to get information for corporate businesses and individuals.

For such jobs, you can apply at your nearest local PI form. What you’ll love about this second career job opportunity is that you don’t need a degree. However, a degree in criminal justice is a good bonus.

As a private investigator, you take have a median hourly pay of $35 to $45. With a degree and your own firm, you get to bring home more than $350 per hour.


To begin blogging, all you need is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. With excellent writing abilities and a distinct niche, you can begin blogging today.

Nonetheless, making money as a blogger needs patience, as your blog or website may take some time to attract high traffic.

If you’re not familiar with blogging, websites such as Income School charge at least $400 to teach you how to become one and begin earning immediately. They have many training programs you can use.

You can earn a median hourly pay of $12 per hour and over $10,000 monthly. On the upper scale, high-end bloggers can earn $15,000 to $16,000 monthly. So, what’s holding you back?

Take Paid Surveys

Why don’t you take online surveys now and start earning money from the comfort of your sofa? Most companies pay for surveys where they pay for opinions about their services or products.

These surveys also help in guiding the research and development team and shaping up different marketing campaigns. Many survey websites and apps reward you with points once you complete a task.

Generally, you get 5 to 250 points for every survey. Once it is time for you to cash out, 100 points will earn you $1. Awesome, right? You can also go for gift cards to marketplaces such as Walmart and Amazon.

You may earn at least $300 monthly with some apps such as Survey Junkie.

Interior Designer

Do you still recall how many times your friends visited your home and asked where you got your paintings, curtains, furniture, and other accessories? Perhaps that’s a sign you’re great at interior designing. So, why don’t you turn that into an income earner after your retirement?

You can begin by designing other people’s homes, real estate houses, and offices that are still on the market. To begin, make sure you make your own portfolio and share photos of your work through social media and home décor platforms and websites.

You can also take the National Council for Interior Design Qualification to be a certified interior designer. You can then look forward to earning a median hourly pay of $25 per hour.



Do you love painting? That could turn out to be great low-anxiety jobs after your retirement. The best part here is that painting is a good way to relieve your stress and mental strain.

Fortunately, most homeowners do not fancy painting their homes. That’s where you come in. If you have been doing it for your home for quite some time now, consider being a painter as a part-time gig.

You can have a median hourly pay of $18 to $30 per hour as a painter. Als, if you’re creative with brushes, you can be looking at $50.

Mentor or Coach

How do you love the idea of getting paid to inspire other people? As one of the ideal jobs for retirees, mentorship is straightforward and stress-free.

A career coach or mentor shapes other people by sharing their expertise and know-how in a particular field. You never know. You can pick from your mentees, too.

You can apply for mentorship at your nearby community colleges, sports facility, or company. On average, a professional sports team coach has a median hourly pay of $13 per hour.


Photography is no doubt a fun retirement job. With enough creativity and experience, you will get hired for functions such as special events, office events, festivals in national parks, and so much more. You can also be a freelance photographer and get paid by taking a picture for apps such as Field Agent and Easy Shift.

After you get booked for a photo session, you can earn at least $100 to $1,000 each day. Significantly, you will need to have some basic computer skills in photo editing software.


Do you have the necessary plumbing skills? You can earn a median hourly pay of $24 to $31 per hour for simply repairing leaky water pipes and unclogging drainage systems.

You see, plumbing is a good part-time job for retirees at home, as you can literally begin at your neighbor’s house. On top of that, you can apply to different marketplaces with various plumbing jobs.

What’s more, the working hours for this job are quite flexible. You can expect many jobs coming your way during weekends or evenings.


These days, folks request a handyman to repair a faulty item. Becoming one is flexible, and all you need is some skill in electrical and hardware tools.

One of the good things about this job opportunity is you won’t be a lot busy doing many things. That’s because you can decide to be on-call during the night or simply over the weekends only.

The only thing you need on the marketing side is to become a dependable handyman. From there, your customers will suggest and refer you to their family and friends once the situation comes.

The median hourly pay for a handyman ranges from $17.50 to $70 per hour.


A stylish hairdresser is a great low-anxiety job after retirement. Do you have a touch of style? You can begin your own business and work from the comfort of your home. You can also choose to work at a salon.

The benefit of this job is you get the chance to engage with co-workers and customers, which will certainly brighten your day. A part-time hairdresser gets a median hourly pay of $8 to $15 per hour.

Waiter or Waitress

Are you still physically fit after your retirement? If you like to work in the food and beverage industry, waiting for people is a good job for you. However, signing up for this job means you should be ready to get busier during the holiday, weekends, and evenings.

Where can you get this job? You can apply and work in a diner, bar, or restaurant. Also, it boils down to where you lie—simply look at your local job listings.

This job is not full-time, so it’s low-ranging, with a median hourly pay of $15 to $ 12 per hour. On a great day, you can get $120 in tips in a single night.

Fun Retirement Jobs That Pay a Small Fortune

Not each job commands a 6-figure salary or makes you rich before you retire. In fact, most jobs for retirees that workers regard as fulfilling and fun are among the lowest-paying jobs.

Fortunately, even low-paying jobs could pay off in the end with high retirement benefits. That’s thanks to generous contributions from specific employers.

Here are some of the jobs for retirees that are low-paying for certainly fun to do!

Warehousing and Transportation Staff


Warehousing and transportation are vital jobs for most industries. This category of jobs includes bus drivers. Even though workers earn more than the average minimum wage, the pay is still low.

Nevertheless, employers contribute at least twenty-five percent more of their national average to the retirement benefits of warehousing and transportation workers. That leads to a decent retirement benefit for a low-wage job.

Tax Preparer

Are you searching for something seasonal rather than a traditional part-time job? Do you enjoy math? Then working as a tax preparer might be your ideal match. Normally, you do no need to become an accountant to land these tax preparer jobs.

As an alternative, the company will train you to help those customers with their returns, offering you set procedures to follow.

Normally, tax preparers only work at least four months a year in such jobs. Normally, January to April. Along the way, you can earn at least $22.53 per hour, which is quite solid.



For anyone who loves cooking, becoming a caterer could be a good bet. This job is all about making tasty dishes for events, all while enjoying the freedom to choose and pick the events you will cater.

For this job, you normally charge by the job. Nonetheless, it can work out to about $13.24 per hour, even though you can snag more depending on where you live and other crucial factors.


Are you multilingual or bilingual? Working as a translator could be a good fit for you. That’s especially true if your first career was mainly focused on an area such as medicine, law, or other fields that tends to be complicated. It could make you a better translator for businesses in such industries.

On top of that, opportunities for translators could be full-time with an organization, freelance, or part-time with a translation service. In the end, you can make at least $24.92 per hour, which is reasonable.

Hotel Concierge

Do you live in a popular hotel destination, and do you know the area quite well? Why don’t you help your clients and guests make the most of their time there? By working as a hotel concierge, you can connect guests with fun entertainment options, crucial business services, and many more.

You can earn around $16.13/hourly with this job.


Most retirees understand what it takes to flourish in their last career. So, why don’t you leverage that by becoming a recruiter for that specific industry? You will track down and engage with various candidates to fill jobs, all while earning at least $40.52/hourly.

Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Are you one of those searching for the best fun but low-paying work for retirees? Working as a library assistant could be a good option for you.

You will spend your precious time helping people check out, finding the books they need, returning them, and answering some basic questions. On top of that, you can make at least $14.69/hourly!

Bed and Breakfast Manager

Running a bed and breakfast establishment can be shockingly involved, as you normally must clean, cook, handle reservations, hire staff, and many more. Nonetheless, if you own the building itself, it can be flexible. That offers you more control over when you welcome visitors.

On top of that, you can earn at least $26.17 each hour.

Recreational Safety

Most recreational spots hire people seasonally or part-time to help keep their guests safe. Do you love swimming? Then landing a job as a lifeguard or one of those resort workers could be amazing. If skiing is more your forte, ski patrol could be a perfect fit.

The work is more likely to be physical, which could be awesome for a few retirees. Moreover, you can make at least $12.20 each hour and might be able to enjoy the place for cheap or even free.

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