What Is the Best Gold IRA Company of 2023? – Noble Gold vs. Birch Gold vs. Goldco

Investing in IRA accounts is one of the best things you can do for your future since it allows you to have a safety net in case any emergency happens in the mid or long-term. While currencies and stocks are volatile and investing in them is dangerous, buying precious metals is safer for people who don’t know that much about how to invest in different assets.

Apart from that, making a precious metals IRA allows you to hedge against inflation since when the stock market goes down, the precious metals trends go up. Therefore, investors often work with gold IRA companies to diversify their retirement portfolios.

Nonetheless, if you want to make a successful precious metals IRA, you need to hire a decent gold IRA company. It’s ideal that that business works with you and recommends the best financial moves for your current situation. Regardless of that, with that many gold dealers on the market, it’s challenging to pick one, even if they have accreditation by agencies like the Business Consumer Alliance.

Although there are excellent companies such as Augusta Precious Metals, we are here about the ones we consider to be the best in 2022. Are you having trouble choosing between Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco? Keep reading this page to know the best gold IRA companies you can pick this year!

What Should I Look for in Gold IRA Companies? The Strengths Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco Share

Before comparing the gold IRA companies we want to rank on this page, we should first study what they have in common. Since Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco offer the same services, they share the essential features you should look for in any gold IRA company on the market.

Hence, here are some of the features and services you would need in any gold IRA or precious metals company. As we mentioned before, all the things we are going to name on this list are services Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco offer alike.

Portfolio Diversification with Precious Metals

As we mentioned before, one of the main reasons investors contact gold IRA companies is they want to diversify their portfolios with precious metals, and while most of these investments are based on gold and silver, they can also get to platinum and palladium.

Since most people want to diversify their portfolios, the least you can expect a gold IRA company to offer is enough precious metals and financial advice to do that.

Getting a financial advisor from the gold IRA company you hire is an excellent addition to what a business can offer since not many know all the financial moves they need to make to make a successful portfolio diversification.

Fortunately, you can trust all three gold IRA companies mentioned on this list to help you diversify your retirement portfolio in the best way possible. In addition to that, these businesses offer you all the precious metals you need for the matter.

Other companies, such as Augusta Precious Metals, offer you excellent deals in precious metals to add to your portfolio, but they don’t help you as much as the gold IRA companies on this list.

Noble Gold, for example, will tell you which physical form you should get your precious metals in to sell them in the future, and that’s not something many businesses try.

Assets Protection

Investing in something is dangerous to investors since making an unwise financial move could lead to losing all your money and even going bankrupt. However, there’s another danger many people don’t consider when buying physical precious metals. We are speaking about the risk of losing the products you purchased.

Whether you get gold bullion or gold collectible coins, you want them to get safely to the storage space you reserved for them.

Regardless of that, some gold IRA companies don’t offer the storage safety you need to ensure your assets are always safe. Other precious metals companies offer excellent storage places to store your precious metals, but they have outrageously expensive storage fees.

Taking that into account, you need to hire a company that lets you rest assured your precious metals will always be safe for fair pricing. Although many would think Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco would have high fees due to them being popular and successful, they have fair fees for people looking forward to saving as much money as they can for their future investments.

Opportunity to Make Small Investments

The last thing you should always expect the best gold IRA companies to do for you is that they should allow you to make any small investments you need to make at the moment. Remember we mentioned most people invest in precious metals looking towards the future? Well, others end up doing the opposite.

That doesn’t mean they are unskilled investors but rather that there was an emergency or unforeseeable situation they need to cover with the precious metals they invested in. However, many companies don’t allow you to do that due to the minimum investment value they offer in their businesses.

If you want to save some of your funds for emergencies, you don’t want that investment to be worth millions of dollars. Therefore, companies with high minimum investment options make things more difficult for investors, and the best you should do is look for a gold IRA company that allows you to make small investments if you ever deem it necessary.

All the companies named on this list have low minimum investment requirements, so you can make all the small investments you want with them. Goldco even offers a buy-back program for investors to sell the precious metals they bought from it any time they need it.

Precious metal bars

What Does Each Company Have to Offer?

Now that you know the features Noble Gold, Birch Gold, and Goldco share, it’s time to learn what they shine for. However, if you want to know how a company works, you need to understand what they lack.

Thus, this comparison includes the greatest features of these gold IRA companies and the disadvantages of investing in precious metals with them. With that being said, you should also know that any of the gold IRA businesses listed on this page have a con that would represent a setback for you to hire them as gold IRA dealers.

We recommend you use the disadvantages and features we mention on this page to choose which gold IRA dealer works best for you. Naturally, we will have a winner by the end of the article, but it’s also worth noting each of these companies excel in something different.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold is a reputable gold IRA company that focuses on offering people all the physical gold or silver IRA they want for their portfolio. Investing in precious metals IRAs is not that simple, but finding a gold dealer that offers you physical precious metals IRAs and shows you the best way to use them is hard.

This business is not only one of the best gold IRA companies on the market for having a great stock of physical gold available for you but also for offering you a safe place to store them for an affordable fee. (You can learn more about the Noble Gold ira fees today if you’re interested.)

If you hire Noble Gold as your physical gold IRA dealer, you won’t have to worry about having any gold delivery inconvenience since this company makes sure your precious metals get to the storage safely and with no problem throughout the drive.

Apart from that, Noble Gold workers understand how to use physical gold for your IRA accounts, so it has different promotions and investment packages with everything you need for the matter.

Investors looking forward to managing a strong gold IRA account don’t want giant bars of gold or silver since selling them could become an issue in the future. Hence, Noble Gold’s packages come in gold coins and bars to make everything easier for you.

Some even consider Noble Gold the best gold IRA company in selling gold coins for gold IRAs. Nonetheless, there’s a slight disadvantage to managing your gold IRA with this company.

Noble Gold offers other precious metals such as palladium coins and platinum, but regarding gold IRAs and building a precious metals IRA account, you can only rely on gold and silver. Thus, you can only invest in gold and silver for your IRAs if you start working with Noble Gold as your precious metals dealer.

Regardless of that, if you are not interested in investing in other precious metals but gold and silver for gold IRAs, this company is an excellent fit for you. 

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Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Following up with the best gold IRA companies on the market, we have the Birch Gold Group.

While Noble Gold’s problem is not offering enough variety of precious metals for gold IRAs, Birch Gold’s greatest strength is its diversity regarding this matter. This company shines for the diversity of its deals and promotions and focuses on delivering any kind of precious metals you want for your gold IRA account.

The Birch Gold Group offers you everything you would need in a gold IRA dealer, and it does its best to simplify the entire investment process for you to only take time to think about what you want to invest in.

If you want to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the features of all the approved precious metals on the market, the Birch Gold Group is the gold IRA dealer for you. Apart from offering excellent deals for your gold IRA, it makes sure your precious metals are safe at all times.

As we mentioned before, each company comes with a disadvantage, and this company’s drawback is how high its fees are. This happens due to the company’s fee structure that charges expensive rates to set up everything from the start. While this is an issue for people working on a budget, others think it’s better this way since other gold IRA dealers hide their fees throughout the process.



The last one on this list of the best gold IRA providers of 2022 is Goldco, which is considered by many the best option for anyone looking forward to making a successful gold IRA investment.

Whereas Goldco has everything it needs to become the best alternative to purchase precious metals for gold IRA accounts on the market, what makes it shine the most is its buy-back program.

As its name suggests, this program lets you sell your gold or any precious metals you bought from this company if you go through an emergency that needs you to spend the investment you need. This works perfectly if you like to make a small investment since Goldco also allows you to do that.

You never know what could happen in the future or when you will need to spend your money, so working with a company that is there for you whenever you need to turn your precious metals into currency is priceless.

The process to get gold and silver bullion from this company is also simple, and you don’t need to be an expert in precious metals investments to do it. However, if you ever get lost along the process, Goldco workers will be there to help you and any other gold IRA investors having the same problem.

As for customer service, Goldco is one of the best gold investment companies out there in this department.

It’s not difficult to notice Goldco cares about its clients and wants what’s best for them. The only drawback to working with this company is, as it happens with Birch Gold, its fee structure.

The fee structure this company uses makes it difficult for investors to nail down since the price of the packages and deals you get depends on the investments you want to make and their complexity.

What's the Best Precious Metals IRA Company in 2022?

If you ask us what the best overall precious metals company and gold IRA dealer in 2022 is, our answer would be, undoubtedly, Goldco. The reason for that is that, apart from excelling at anything you could look for in an IRA company, its buy-back program makes investing in gold much safer.

One of the most stressful parts of investing in precious metal coins is finding out where to sell them, and only a few gold IRA companies allow you to buy back programs such as the one from Goldco.

Apart from that, Goldco offers a decent variety of precious metals for your portfolio, whether they are physical or not. Do you want to get gold bullion? Goldco has it. Are you looking for silver coins? Goldco has them, too!

In addition to that, Goldco makes sure your investments are always safe due to its top-tier storage service. The only drawback this company has regarding its fee structure is not a major setback for beginner or professional investors, so it’s only a matter of taste.

Bottom Line

As you could see, you have many alternatives available for you regarding the gold investment company you want for your portfolio. You must know that, although Goldco is under our criteria for the best overall, the other ones are also of excellent quality and a perfect pick for investors looking forward to diversifying their portfolios or managing their IRA or Gold IRA rollover process.

Other companies on the market, such as Augusta Precious Metals, have amazing deals for you, but many of them offer you all the things the companies on this page do at the same time. If you were to pick one, we would choose Goldco, but know that three of them are a decent option, and you will see the benefits of hiring them in the long term.


How Difficult Is It to Get an IRA?

While the process and paperwork to get an IRA may be stressful and tedious, it can become simpler if you work with a gold IRA dealer that helps you throughout the process to create your account and administer it.

Financial advisors are great for this matter, so don’t hesitate to hire one if you are planning on getting an IRA account.

Even professional investors rely on advisors to make sure they make the best financial decisions for their future.

What Precious Metals Can I Get from the Companies in this List?

Although it depends on the company you choose, the three of them offer you the mainstream approved precious metals on the market, so you could say you can get all of them from these companies. However, if you were to choose one, we would recommend going for Birch Gold.

Regardless of that, all the companies listed on this page offer silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

What Are IRAs for?

IRA stands for “individual retirement accounts,” and they help people save money for retirement. The best thing about these retirement accounts is they represent a tax-free income, which is the reason people are interested in getting them.

Since IRAs already give you tax-deferred savings, investors get gold IRAs to also protect their retirement funds from market volatility.