Littleton Coin Company Review

Have you ever wondered what sets Littleton Coin Company apart from other coin dealers?

Picture this: you’re standing in a bustling marketplace, surrounded by rows upon rows of gleaming coins and vibrant paper money. Each piece holds a story, a piece of history waiting to be discovered.

They are your gateway to this captivating world. But what makes them truly exceptional?

Stay tuned as we unveil the secrets behind their impeccable reputation and explore the reasons why collectors worldwide trust and rely on Littleton Coin Company.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded over 70 years ago by Maynard Sundman, they have grown into an employee-owned business committed to selecting the highest quality coins and paper money.
  • The company offers an extensive variety of carefully graded coins and paper money, guaranteeing the authenticity of every item and exceeding customer expectations.
  • They pride itself on exceptional customer service and satisfaction, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with any questions or concerns.
  • Through diversification of products, a strong online presence, and exceptional service, the company has experienced significant growth and revenue increase, building customer loyalty and continuing to thrive in the industry.

History and Founding

Maynard Sundman founded Littleton Coin Company over 70 years ago, establishing it on the timeless principles of courtesy, trust, and providing quality products.

From its humble beginnings, Littleton Coin has grown into an employee-owned business, dedicated to serving collectors like you. Located in Littleton, New Hampshire, they’ve been offering friendly and knowledgeable service for decades.

While their business has expanded and their product range has grown, they remain committed to selecting only the highest quality coins and paper money for their inventory. Every item is carefully graded to ensure that you receive the best possible product.

With Littleton Coin Company, you can trust that you’re getting a piece of history that’s worth adding to your collection.

Product Selection and Quality

Product Selection and Quality

When it comes to product selection and quality, Littleton Coin offer a wide range of carefully graded coins and paper money to ensure that collectors like you receive the best possible pieces for your collection. Here are three reasons why their product selection and quality stand out:

  1. Extensive Variety: Littleton Coin provides an extensive selection of coins and paper money, catering to collectors of all interests and preferences. Whether you’re looking for rare coins, commemorative pieces, or currency from different eras, they’ve got you covered.
  2. Graded Accuracy: Littleton Coin takes great care in grading their products accurately. Their team of experts thoroughly examines each coin and paper money to determine its condition and grade. This attention to detail ensures that collectors can trust the quality of the items they purchase.
  3. Authenticity Guarantee: They guarantee the authenticity of every coin and paper money they sell. They understand the importance of collecting genuine pieces and take the necessary steps to verify the authenticity of their inventory.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

As a collector, you’ll appreciate the exceptional customer service and satisfaction that Littleton Coin provides. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, they understands the needs and expectations of collectors like you.

Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you’re looking for advice on coin preservation or need help identifying a specific coin, they’re there to help.

They are committed to providing quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. They carefully select only the best coins and paper money to offer in their inventory, ensuring that you receive items of the highest quality.

When you choose Littleton Coin Company, you can trust that you’ll receive exceptional customer service and be completely satisfied with your collector experience.

Expansion and Growth

They have experienced significant expansion and growth over the years. This growth can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Diversification of Products: They have expanded its offerings beyond just coins and paper money. They now provide a wide range of collectibles, including stamps, sports memorabilia, and jewelry. This diversification has allowed them to attract a broader customer base and increase their revenue streams.
  2. Online Presence: They have embraced the digital age and developed a strong online presence. Their website offers a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to easily browse and purchase products online. This expansion into the e-commerce space has opened up new markets and helped them reach customers from all around the world.
  3. Customer Loyalty: Through their commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction, They have built a loyal customer base. These satisfied customers not only continue to make purchases but also spread the word about their positive experiences, contributing to the company’s growth and expansion.

Littleton Coin Company Today

With its commitment to customer satisfaction and a diverse range of products, they continue to thrive and meet the needs of collectors worldwide.

As an employee-owned business, they uphold the values of courtesy, trust, and quality that were established over 70 years ago by its founder, Maynard Sundman.

Located in Littleton, New Hampshire, this company has been providing friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable service to its customers for decades.

Despite its growth and expansion, they remain selective in choosing only the best quality coins and paper money to offer to its customers.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, they are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.


In conclusion, Littleton Coin are the trusted source for passionate collectors in search of quality coins and paper money.

With over 70 years of experience, they uphold the values of courtesy, trust, and providing top-notch products.

Their dedicated team understands the importance of selecting only the finest items for their inventory.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, Littleton Coin are the go-to destination for all your numismatic needs.

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