What Do 3hourjob.com Reviews Have to Say? – Is 3hourjob.com Legit?

Data entry jobs are excellent if you need to make quick money to get out of an ordeal, but that doesn’t mean you should take the first job offer you find online. There are tons of scammers out there, and they can even steal money from you by disguising themselves as data entry jobs that will get you all the money you need.

Fortunately, people are more aware of scams daily, so they read several reviews before trying a new product, hiring services, or starting to work for a company they don’t know. If you ever looked for data entry positions online, you may have seen 3hourjob.com in the past.

The problem with 3hourjob.com is many people claim it’s a scam, so newcomers looking for data entry jobs are hesitant to try it. Are you wondering if you should start using this website to earn money? This is the page for you!

Dive into this 3hourjob.com review to know what 3hourjob.com has to offer and if it’s safe to start working through this platform. Don’t ever try data entry jobs online without reading reviews about them, though. You don’t want scammers doing what they want with your money and personal information.

Is 3hourjob.com a Scam?

Answering the primary question of this 3hourjob.com review, yes, 3hourjob.com is a scam website, so you should never even consider signing up for it or sending them any of your information or money. You won’t get a penny from working for this platform though it offers $500 daily for working for just a few hours.

When you sign up for this data entry scam, you receive a few phone calls asking for your personal information or offering some jobs to make everything look legit. This is the first problem with 3hourjob.com since it asks for too much information to be a job site to make money online.

Not only does this website not give you any money, but it also asks you to buy some things before starting to use the platform. It claims you need to pay $47 for a website ATM and that you will get that money later.

Spoiler: you won’t.

Regardless of that, you will still receive the phone calls we talked about if you don’t buy the website ATM, which wouldn’t happen if an app needed you to do that. If you accept and buy what the scammers tell you, the platform will offer you some jobs to start, but as we mentioned before in this 3hourjob.com review, you won’t get anything from it.

It’s worth noting there are different kinds of scams, and not all of them work the same or are that obvious. In this case, 3hourjob.com is a quick rich money scheme.

What Is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

Get-rich-quick schemes are one of the most popular ways of scamming people on the internet. In a nutshell, scammers tell you to invest in something that will get you an unrealistic profit in a few hours. People desperate for money invest the little they have on those websites hoping to get the solutions to their problems and end up with less money than before.

This scam system works with very few people operating it, but there are still many victims. Get-rich-quick schemes are popular among trading platforms that offer beginners in the trading world millions of dollars for trading for a few hours daily.

New quick rich schemes try to lure people looking for home jobs to fall for them, and that’s what 3hourjob.com does. Job seekers looking forward to earning money online give all their personal information to a scammer after reading an appealing job description and then see how their legitimate work is worth nothing.

Regardless of that, not making money is not the most dangerous part of accepting scam home jobs. When you give your personal information to these websites, they can blackmail you or sell the information online.

What Is 3hourjob.Com?

3hourjob.com is a remote working platform that claims to offer users $500 daily for submitting a few quick projects daily. Signing up for this website redirects you to many others, but the ones you get depend on the country where you try to use this platform.

Neither the 3hourjob.com website nor the ones it redirects you to are safe, and Google warns you that before you enter them. Those fake websites offer outrageous profits for small home jobs, such as earning $5,000 in commissions from a single online job. Other fake jobs include getting paid to shop online or giving your bank details to the platform.

All the reviews you read about this platform will say 3hourjob.com is a scam, and it also has negative reviews on most reputable review websites. Real companies don’t ask for that much information and don’t offer those kinds of profits since they are impossible to get from entry-level jobs.

Data Entry Job

What Is a Data Entry Job?

It’s important to know what data entry jobs are to understand how 3hourjob works and how to avoid falling for similar scams. Data entry positions offer you job opportunities where you use data processing programs, transfer information from one database to another, or manage the data altogether.

As you read in this 3hourjob.com review, this scam platform offers more than that since it works as a whole remote working company. Therefore, it offers other kinds of jobs, such as working as a digital assistant and managing overseas calls. Don’t ever think about trying entry jobs that offer you money to play games online since there’s probably a scam organization operating it all.

This doesn’t mean all data entry-level jobs are scams since there are many platforms out there that value the legitimate work people do from home. Hence, we recommend you stick with the mainstream options out there instead of going for new ones with negative reviews.

Red Flags About 3hourjob.com

Scam websites have several red flags that allow you to tell them apart from real websites, so the best thing you can do to keep yourself from falling for them is to learn all the signs that show you a platform is trying to steal your money.

Here are the main red flags you can find on 3hourjob.com:

It Doesn’t Have a Customer Support Service

The whole purpose of customer support services is to make customers feel safe while using an app since they can address any concerns they have with the customer support team. This not only means not understanding something about the platform they use but also complaining about things they don’t like.

It’s no surprise to see companies with customer support have a high customer satisfaction level. As you may have guessed by reading this 3hourjob.com review, this scam website doesn’t have a customer support service you can contact when something goes wrong.

The reason for this is scam websites don’t care about how satisfied customers are since they don’t need that satisfaction. People won’t use the app again once they realize it’s a scam, so scam recruiters do what they can to make you invest in their websites before you realize they are not legitimate work.

Customers only have one way to contact 3hourjob.com, and it’s through its email. Nonetheless, it’s the only communication channel they have available for you. The email address seems fake, so we wouldn’t try it since it will most likely be a complete waste of time.

When platforms have a real contact number or email address available, they often have a Contact Us page for you to talk to the customer support service.

It Makes False Promises

False promises are the scammers’ hook to make sure people fall for their trap. Maybe someone who doesn’t need that much money won’t believe a website that offers to give you $1,000 daily, but someone desperate to get money will.

The perfect example of fake promises is what we told you 3hourjob.com does in this 3hourjob.com review. This platform states you can earn $500 thanks to work-from-home jobs and up to $3,500 in commissions. Although it would be excellent for that to be true, it’s an unrealistic promise, and there’s no way it’s true.

Think about it this way: If it were so easy to get that much money, everyone would have that amount of money overnight. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to see someone saying they got thousands of dollars out of a small online job.

Regardless of that, the developers of scam websites know it’s difficult to believe those claims, so they make up fake testimonials for clients to think people are getting what the platform offers. It’s best to assume most of those people are paid actors since you don’t have any way to verify their identity.

It Doesn’t Have an About Us Page

As it happens with customer support services, About Us pages help customers feel safer while using a new platform or website. Therefore, it’s the first thing many users check before using a new platform. 3hourjob.com doesn’t have an About Us page.

Does this mean any website that doesn’t have an About Us Page is a scam? Not at all, but it means you don’t have any way to know who developed that platform/software/website, which is inherently shady. If they don’t tell you who they are, they may be hiding something.

Negative Reviews in BBB

If all the signs we mentioned before weren’t enough, you can’t tell 3hourjob.com is a scam just by checking its Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. The BBB’s purpose is to tell customers if they should trust a website or if it has any issues they should know about.

Excellent websites often have A or B-rated reviews, but when you look up 3hourjob.com on the Better Business Bureau website, it tells you it has an F rating. This is not something a specific company does since the F rating the website gives companies comes from all the reviews other users give it.

Most scam websites try to write fake positive reviews online to mislead some people into thinking the other pages saying they are bad are wrong. However, it’s nearly impossible to find a website that tells you anything good about 3hourjob.com.

It Doesn’t Have a Legitimate SSL Certificate

Although many people do not know this, Google can tell us if it thinks a website is a scam or not.

The Google search engine does that thanks to SSL certificates that are mostly given to safe and legitimate websites. 3hourjob.com doesn’t have a legitimate SSL certificate, and Google tells you it’s not safe before you enter it.

This also happens when 3hourjob.com redirects you to another website since those aren’t safe, either. The problem with unsafe websites is not only are they not to be trusted, but also they can make your computer or laptop catch malware, which would cost you a lot more money than just falling for a scam if it damages your PC.

How to Tell Legit Data Entry Jobs Apart from Scams

We understand if it’s complex to tell scams apart from scams, but things get easier once you know how to notice the red flags we talked about. The first thing you should do when thinking about using a new website or hiring services is to check their BBB rating.

After doing that, look for other reviews and see what you can find about it on the platform’s website. This means checking if its customer support service works and what you can learn about the platform’s developers. The more you know about the people creating those websites, the safer you can feel using them.

Bottom Line

It can be overwhelming for some users to think how endangered they are when looking for a job or doing anything online. Regardless of that, no one should be scared to fall for scams as long as they follow all the tips we mentioned in this article and learn how to notice the red flags scam websites have.

Remember to always check reviews of the websites you try and the services you hire! You can find more content from us on our website, so don’t hesitate to check it out.

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