Yamana Gold Review

Yamana Gold is a precious metals company based in Canada that began in 1994 and began getting more heavily into gold after a company restructuring in 2003. Their headquarters are located in Toronto, but they have mines across the Americas, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. They take mine development seriously and use only sustainable expansion methods and initiatives to optimize production and safety in currently operating mines. 

Yamana Gold has an extensive and impressive assets portfolio and has earned a top-spot as a famous gold mining stock. But, does this mean that they’re a good company for investing? 

If you’re an investor that is curious about Yamana Gold, keep reading before you make an important financial decision.

The Yamana Gold Portfolio

Yamana Gold currently has five mines, which include:

  • The Canadian Malartic Mine-Contributes nearly 50% of overall production
  • The Jacobina Mine in Brazil
  • El Penon and Minera Florida in Chile
  • Cerro Mero in Argentina

Their mission is to continue to increase gold production which will, in turn, increase the cash flow and value for its investors. The mines that Yamana Gold prefers to deal with are generational mines or mines that continue to produce year after year.

Typically, gold mines have a life of approximately 10 years, but Yamana Gold believes in these generational mines and keeps them in their portfolio, which many other gold companies cannot say. 

Yamana Gold Products

Because Yamana Gold is known for mainly producing gold, its services will obviously benefit investors who are looking more toward gold and gold products. However, if you are interested in copper and silver, they also produce these metals in millions of ounces and sell them to smelters. 

Yamana Gold is a publicly-traded company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker of AUY, as well as listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange-YRI and the London Stock Exchange.

Insiders own 0.36% of Yamana Gold shares and shares held by the company are 51.21-51.4% with the share float. They have a total of 488 share-holding institutions and a large number of investors in the company, including the two leading institutional shareholders of Van Eck Associate Corporation and Vanguard Group, INC.

Responsible Gold Mining

Yamana Gold takes responsible mining very seriously and is considered a trendsetter in responsible gold production. They strive to minimize their environmental impact throughout the whole process, from exploration to the decommissioning of the mines. 

They understand their responsibilities in the mining world and they are committed to showing their mining process is profitable and responsible, as well as creating benefits for the host community as a whole. It isn’t just about gold for Yamana Gold, but they also understand that they need to support people, especially locals. 

Should I Buy Gold?

Investors buy gold for a variety of reasons. This may be because gold is a relatively safe investment or they are trying to protect themselves from inflation. It really doesn’t matter why you’re buying gold, what matters is that this is one of the precious metals that has been bought, sold, and traded for years and years and continues to be extremely valuable. 

Yamana Gold has an excellent track record for consistently delivering results and ensuring that its focus is on increasing sustainable dividends for its shareholders. They have continued to have steady growth and they have a diverse portfolio, which points to a company that is in it for the long haul and won’t be going belly-up any time soon. 

In fact, here are the pros and cons of investing with Yamana Gold:


  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Experienced team of directors
  • Sound corporate strategy
  • Lucrative, generational mines
  • Care for hosting communities shows their responsibility


  • Analysts, on occasion, rate Yamana Gold stocks a little low

Even this one “con” isn’t something to be very concerned about. Some analysts will call Yamana Gold a “hold” type of stock, but others recommend jumping in on them now. Honestly, it is going to depend on your objectives as an investor, like any other stock. 

Final Verdict on Yamana Gold

It isn’t often that a solid company sticks around as long as Yamana Gold. But, they’ve maintained a great reputation for many years and it will only continue as they continue to follow their own principles of sustainable mining and host community care without taking away from their investors. 

Every investor will be different, but if you feel that you want to try investing in gold and you want a company that will have your back, answer your questions, and still keeps a “green” environment in the forefront, then Yamana Gold is going to be a great choice for you.