Trust and Will Review – Is It Good or Bad?

This is my review. For those unfamiliar with the business, it is a renowned platform online that provides comprehensive estate plans. In an era where convenience and efficiency are paramount, emerges as a game-changer, providing individuals with accessible and user-friendly tools to navigate the complexities of estate planning. This Trusty and Will review delves into the platform’s key features, ease of use, range of services, and overall effectiveness in helping users create legally sound wills, trusts, and other essential documents.

Trust and Will


My Trust and Will Review

As we explore’s offerings, you’ll gain insights into its customization options, legal expertise, and customer support.

Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or someone looking to secure their legacy, this review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how simplifies and streamlines the estate planning process, ensuring your wishes are preserved with utmost precision and care.

Trust and Will Overview is a prominent online platform dedicated to modernizing and making simple estate plans online. With a strong commitment to making essential legal documents accessible to a wider audience, offers a range of services that include creating wills, trusts, and other vital estate planning documents.

Founded on the principles of convenience, affordability, and expertise, guides users through the intricacies of estate planning with user-friendly tools and a straightforward interface. The platform’s services cater to various life stages and situations, ensuring that individuals, couples, and families can secure their legacies efficiently.

One of’s standout features is its ability to provide customized solutions based on individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s safeguarding assets, designating guardianship, or ensuring a seamless transfer of wealth, the platform empowers users to create legally sound documents that accurately reflect their intentions.

With a team of experienced legal professionals, ensures that users receive expert guidance throughout the will-making process, enhancing confidence in the final documents’ validity. The platform’s commitment to compliance and security further solidifies its reputation as a trustworthy partner in estate planning. revolutionizes the traditional estate planning landscape by offering an intuitive online platform, expert assistance, and tailored solutions. As a result, it empowers individuals to take proactive steps toward securing their family’s future, assets, and wishes

Highlighted Features of the Trust & Will Online Will Maker

In contrast to many competitors within the online will industry, Trust & Will stands out by providing a comprehensive and value-driven approach to estate planning. While several counterparts typically offer a foundational last will and testament at a base price, along with additional estate planning documents incurring extra charges, Trust & Will redefines this landscape with its holistic approach.

At the core of Trust & Will’s offerings is their will-based estate plan, available at a reasonable cost of $159. This comprehensive package encompasses an array of essential documents, ensuring a well-rounded and robust estate plan that caters to diverse needs. Within this package, clients benefit from:

Last Will and Testament

The cornerstone of any estate plan, the Trust & Will’s Last Will and Testament empowers individuals to outline their asset distribution, designate guardianship for dependents, and specify final wishes, providing a clear and legally binding roadmap for the future.

Living Will-Based Estate Plans

A crucial component of healthcare directives, the Living Will lets individuals express their medical preferences and end-of-life decisions, ensuring their values and wishes are respected during critical moments.

HIPAA Authorization

Trust & Will’s inclusion of a HIPAA authorization form grants chosen individuals access to medical information, streamlining communication and decision-making during their medical treatment and emergencies.

Power of Attorney

Empowering a trusted individual to manage financial and legal matters on one’s behalf, the Power of Attorney document enhances preparedness for unforeseen situations.

By combining these integral documents in a single, affordable package, Trust & Will not only simplifies the estate planning process but also emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to securing one’s legacy and safeguarding loved ones.

This unique approach sets Trust & Will apart as a forward-thinking and client-centric provider within the online estate planning realm.

How It Operates

Commence the Trust & Will process by assembling essential documents and pertinent information required for the click-through questionnaire. Gather details such personal health information such as:

  • Information about your primary bank accounts (checking and savings)
  • Data pertaining to retirement and other investment accounts
  • Identifying numbers for life insurance policies
  • Proof of asset ownership (car title or home deed)
  • Executor(s) full name(s) and contact details
  • Contact information for individuals named in your estate planning documents (e.g., living will agent, power of attorney agent)

The legal forms are meticulously tailored to adhere to state regulations, necessitating the selection of your residing state before initiation. Then, proceed to establish an account using your email address and password. Upon account creation and purchase, embark on the click-through questionnaire.

Address an array of personal and financial inquiries to generate essential documents including the last will and testament, living will, power of attorney, and HIPAA authorization forms. The complexity of your responses is at your discretion.

For instance, concerning retirement and bank accounts, you can choose to provide basic institution names or furnish intricate details encompassing account numbers and asset valuations.

The completion time for Trust & Will’s questionnaire typically ranges from 15 minutes to an hour, contingent on the level of detail within your responses. The Reviews Team undertook thorough preparation and supplied comprehensive information, completing the process in 30 minutes.

Post questionnaire completion, instant document download is available, or alternatively, opt to receive physical copies via Trust & Will’s shipping service. Once in possession of the documents (through download, print, or mail), proceed to notarize them at a local bank or UPS store. Attorney fees vary by state, usually amounting to $5–$15.1 Upon this step, your documents attain legal validity and binding status.

Will-Based Estate Planning Documents

In its basic package option, Trust & Will provides four crucial estate planning papers rather than just one final will and testament. While once signed, each instrument has a distinct function and has legal force of its own, possessing all four assures that your estate plan is complete and without any holes.

Last Will and Testament

Your last will and testament, often referred to simply as a “will,” empowers you to name an executor and articulate directives regarding the distribution of your assets and any specific requests you may have.

Trust & Will streamlines the customization of your will by enabling you to:

Appoint guardians for dependents, including children and pets.

Clearly designate primary beneficiaries and backup beneficiaries.

Formulate a comprehensive list of designated gifts.

Select digital executors with the authority to access your online accounts.

Living Will

A living will, alternatively known as a healthcare directive, grants you the authority to outline instructions and nominate a representative to advocate for your medical well-being in the event of incapacitation.

This pertains to situations where you are unable to make decisions or manage your care independently. Within this document, you possess the flexibility to define parameters for your chosen agent and provide supplementary details concerning your preferences.

Much like your last will, the living will can be personalized to align with your individual wishes. Trust & Will empowers you to customize every aspect of medical decisions, encompassing end-of-life and post-death considerations.

Additional Features

Beyond the four documents automatically generated with the purchase of the will-based estate plan, Trust & Will offers supplementary advantages. Included in this package is a membership account, initially provided at no charge for the first year and subsequently billed annually at $19. This membership furnishes you with the capacity to disseminate your plan, securely store essential files, and effect limitless updates to your legal documentation.

Regularly reviewing and revising your will every three to five years is advisable, especially following significant life events like divorce, family expansion, or major financial alterations such as property acquisitions or bankruptcy filings. Opting for a service that facilitates updates ensures that your will faithfully reflect your existing preferences and any modifications to your circumstances.

Sharing Your Plan

Once you’ve crafted your documents, it becomes pivotal to inform your designated decision-makers, beneficiaries financial advisors, and executors about their roles in your estate plan. Trust & Will simplifies this process by allowing you to share access digitally.

By sending an email invitation through the platform, individuals can view your estate documents remotely. Moreover, you retain the authority to revoke access at your discretion.

Document Storage

With the Trust & Will platform, not only can you effectively safeguard your estate planning documents, but you also have the convenience of securely storing additional digital and scanned files. Utilizing the Trust & Will cloud storage, fortified by an advanced bank-level encryption system, ensures your data’s utmost protection.

To bolster the security of customer data, Trust & Will has successfully undergone a comprehensive Type 2 Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2 Type 2) audit. This independent, third-party evaluation verifies the service organization’s steadfast commitment to maintaining robust security practices over an extended duration.

The array of documents you may consider storing virtually encompasses:

Personal identification records

Pertinent tax-related documentation

Comprehensive life insurance particulars

Deeds pertaining to real estate holdings

Titles associated with vehicles

Letters addressed to loved ones outlining final wishes and additional final arrangements made.

Processing Time

As per Trust & Will’s information, the majority of users can complete the questionnaire in under an hour, with the resulting documents available for immediate download. These documents can then be printed and taken to a local bank or UPS store for notarization on the same day.

Post notarization, the documents attain legal validity and binding status. For added convenience, Trust & Will offers the option to ship the documents, complete with labeled folders and detailed instructions. Delivery of the package typically takes up to five business days.

In scenarios demanding swift document execution, such as impending trips or medical procedures, it is advisable to print the documents personally. Shipment can be requested at a later point. The initial shipment incurs no cost, but alterations to the documents necessitating a re-shipment are subject to a $20 fee.

Trust & Will Customer Support

Trust & Will boasts a U.S.-based customer support center accessible via chat, email, form submission, and phone. Support is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT.

In our experience, utilizing the chat feature resulted in a five-minute wait to connect with a customer representative, while emails and inquiry forms garnered responses within approximately one hour. This prompt level of customer service was notably swift compared to competitors, who often took one or more business days to respond.

Live Chat Bot and Customer Support

Trust & Will’s live chat is powered by an automated bot, offering comprehensive explanations for most questions regarding forms and product details. If you require further assistance or the bot’s coverage isn’t applicable, you can swiftly connect with a human customer service representative in a matter of minutes.

Resourceful Learn Center

For those seeking broader insights into estate planning, Trust & Will provides a wealth of detailed learning resources within its Learn Center.

Organized by topics, the Learn Center hosts guides and informative articles. To search for specific subjects, simply use the magnifying icon in the top left corner to explore the article database.

Personalized Quiz

Prior to commencing, take the Trust & Will quiz to determine whether a will-based or trust-based plan aligns better with your requirements. Select all relevant options and upon clicking “see results,” the platform will recommend the most suitable choice for your estate planning needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund

Trust & Will ensures your satisfaction and offers a complete refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re dissatisfied. To initiate a refund, kindly email your contact details to [email protected]. This process typically takes around five days.

The full refund policy pertains solely to products and services exclusively provided by Trust & Will. In cases where you’ve acquired items from a Trust & Will partner, such as attorney support, a 25% refund may be applicable.

Trust & Will Pricing

Exceptional Value Trust & Will features a single online will package priced at $159, encompassing four crucial estate planning documents – a living will last will and testament, HIPAA authorization form, and power of attorney.

Although certain online will makers offer base packages at lower rates ($39–$99), these packages lack all four essential documents. In comparison to competitors within the online estate planning realm, we identified substantial value in Trust & Will’s comprehensive document package.

Convenient Payment Options

Trust & Will accepts credit card payments, mirroring the approach of most online will makers. Distinguishing itself, the company extends the convenience of a monthly payment plan with no additional charges. This option divides the total cost into four manageable payments, providing flexibility uncommon among similar services.

Other Estate Planning Services

In conjunction with generating the essential estate planning documents, Trust & Will offers supplementary services for an extra fee, including couples’ wills, estate planning attorneys support membership, mobile notary services, and probate assistance.

Couples’ Wills

For those in enduring partnerships, Trust & Will presents the option to enhance the single will cost of $159 by an additional $100 to create a comprehensive estate plan tailored for couples.

While a joint will creation feature is not yet available, this service enables both partners to craft separate wills within the same account, facilitating convenient document storage in a shared space.

Attorney Support Service

Should you require legal counsel while utilizing the online service for your living will or other estate planning inquiries, Trust & Will extends an unlimited attorney support service. This valuable addition, available at $200 per year, is currently accessible to customers in 17 states.

Mobile Notary Convenience

In partnership with Mobile Notary Zone, Trust & Will streamlines the notarization process. With this service, you can effortlessly schedule an appointment with a mobile notary who will travel to your location for document notarization.

Additionally, the required witnesses are provided by the Mobile Notary Zone. The cost of this service, ranging from $145 to $200 based on your chosen plan, location, and appointment availability, ensures a seamless and efficient notarization experience.

Assistance with Probate Proceedings

This supplementary service is designed for individuals either entering or already within the probate process. Following an individual’s passing, whether with or without a will, the local probate court oversees the allocation of assets.

Trust & Will extends a probate support service in three distinct options: self-guided, concierge, and attorney-led. It’s important to note that this service is intended for use by the executor of an estate, not the individual creating the will.

Trust & Will Reviews from Customers

The Trust & Will ratings on Trustpilot have achieved an “Excellent” status, with over 2,600 customers awarding the service an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Trust & Will has also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), although there are currently no customer reviews available on the BBB platform.

Within the Trustpilot community, an impressive 89% of customers have given Trust & Will a flawless 5-star rating. These reviewers particularly commend the platform’s user-friendly interface and frequently recommend it to others.

Only a minimal 1% of customers assigned Trust & Will a 1-star rating, primarily expressing dissatisfaction with unresponsive attorneys and unauthorized membership charges applied by the company.

Notably, service representatives have responded to over 99% of customer reviews, expressing gratitude for feedback and extending assistance to those who reported negative experiences.


In the realm of online estate planning, Trust & Will emerges as a formidable contender. Its user-friendly platform, coupled with comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, makes it a preferred choice.

Furthermore, Trust & Will’s affordable pricing model, combined with its premium service offerings, affirms its commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction. For individuals seeking a customer-centric approach to their estate planning needs, Trust & Will presents when it comes to estate planning services.


Is Trust & Will Legitimate?

Absolutely, Trust & Will is a valid and genuine online estate planning service provider, that has been actively assisting customers with estate planning since 2017.

Despite being relatively new to the scene, the company has garnered a substantial 2,600 customer reviews on Trustpilot, achieving an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Do the online wills that Trust & Will reviews have attorneys on staff?

Each Trust & Will document template was created and authorized by an estate planning attorney. Your will is not reviewed by an attorney after you write it. For an extra $200 per year, Trust & Will offers limitless attorney support services if you’d like a lawyer to examine your will.