Goldworth Financial Review

Goldworth Financial was a precious metals dealer company. Investment is a way for people to profit off rising gold prices by investing in gold today. Investing in gold is one way to protect your assets since the precious metal has historically been the preserve of wealthy individuals and governments.

This Goldworth Financial review will mainly focus on the information relating to Goldworth Financials. This review will answer most of its questions like; What are Goldworth finances? Why did it shut down? What are the service and products offered?

Precious metals are one of the most profitable investment opportunities. Investing in precious metals is not without risk, but like all investments, it has the potential to provide large returns. Gold is perhaps one of the most widely recognized precious metals and is among the most valuable. Other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium have become increasingly recognized and used in industrial, medical, and food safety applications.

What is Goldworth Financial

Goldworth Financial logo

A wide range of goods was available for customers of Goldworth Financial, a precious metals dealer. In Woodlands Hills, California, it first began in 1999. It takes pride in having direct access to foreign markets, which enables it to offer reasonably priced products and services to its customer from other countries. Additionally, this eliminates the significant markups on foreign markets. Customers can obtain products without requiring foreign bank accounts.

The North American Collectibles Association (NACA), the Industry Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA), The International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), and the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) were all organizations that reputable companies like Goldworth Financial belonged.

It is a dealer company that sells gold and silver commodities, and it used to have its doors to the public open. In addition to having pricing that was lower than others, the goods they sold were regarded as the best in the industry. The company concentrated on educating people who were unfamiliar with this form of investment. 

They had a vast range of materials available for teaching about the precious metals sector and the various facets it encompasses. In addition, if a consumer made a large number of purchases, they would give them bonuses.

Goldworth Financial Products and Services

Goldworth Financial Products

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium were available via Goldworth Financial. There were also precious metals that qualified for the IRA. In addition to these, there were foreign coins, rare coins, and bullion coins.

First State Depository was the recommended storage option for Goldworth Financial. New Direction IRA, Sterling Trust, Equity Institutional, and Equity Trust were its preferred IRA custodians.

Precious Metals Investment

Precious metals investment remains a strong asset class, and with good reason. Precious metals are good investments because, generally, they are tangible assets that can easily be converted into cash. They are safe investments, and that safety makes them attractive to investors, particularly those who are looking for an investment that will maintain its value over time. However, The precious metal market is a volatile market. Many experts consider the precious metals market to be a high-risk/high-reward investment.

What are Precious Metals

Precious metals are natural resources that are in high demand. Precious metals have unique physical properties, which makes them desirable for many different commercials, industrial, and household uses.

Precious metals are anything but precious. These naturally occurring elements, such as gold, silver, and other various precious metals, were once so valuable they were used as currency. But in today’s world, precious metals aren’t used for everyday purchases. Instead, they’re used to make jewelry, electronics, and coinage.

Precious Metals IRAs in Goldworth Financial

Precious Metals IRAs allow you to invest in precious metals like gold and silver (and platinum, palladium, and rhodium).

While these investments are traditionally seen as great ways to diversify your IRA, they can be great for your retirement as well. However, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. The Goldworth Financial company offered precious metals IRAs.

Bullion Coins

Coin collecting has been around for ages, and as prices continue to rise, more and more people are getting involved. Coin collecting, though, isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It’s best to start small, and the best way to do that is by looking for a bullion coin.

In fact, more and more people are getting into coin collecting, and there are now more coin collectors in the world than ever before. With the price of gold at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that many investors are turning to bullion coins as an investment you should consider.

While investing in gold and other precious metals can seem complicated, adding some bullion coins to your investment portfolio is a simple way to add diversity, liquidity, and growth potential. And, with bullion coins, you know that you’re getting a solid investment because each contains .999 fine gold, not just .9999 fine gold, which signifies its purity.

Rare Coin

Rare coins are coins with unique characteristics that make them more valuable than regular coins. They’re often in limited supply or very valuable. They’re valuable because rare coins are tangible assets that you can hold in your hand or display in your home.

They’re also valuable because rare coins are not like stocks or bonds. Most rare coins can only be purchased directly from coin manufacturers, auction houses, or Precious metals dealers.

Foreign Coin

Since ancient times people have been collecting coins. Coin collecting is a long-term investment. A piece of history that is guaranteed to appreciate over time. Foreign coins remain an excellent investment. Most coins have lasted for centuries, and their value has increased over time.

Goldworth Financial Pricing and Fees


Their ability to access foreign markets made up the majority of their revenue. They may purchase precious metals at significantly lower costs than those in the US from suppliers in other nations.  They were able to cut out the broker thanks to this.

They gained an advantage over the competition by doing this since they were able to sell their precious metals to us at a lower markup. Their pricing was among the most reasonable and competitive prices on the market.

They might have overpriced their gold and silver, which would have caused them to sell goods at a loss and hurt their total income.

Storage and Delivery

They gave their clients access to a fully insured storage unit since they have relationships with independent authorized depositories. The accounts from former clients should continue to be accessible because those independent companies are still in operation.

Their valuable assets should be securely kept for them in a vault. Precious metals were delivered to customers by Goldworth Financial all around the US. If your order meets a specific threshold, the business will deliver the precious metals to your location at no cost to you. All deliveries were insured, and before parcels could be delivered, a signature was required.

This strategy is used by numerous other precious metals companies. Whatever the package p weighs, businesses frequently provide flat-rate shipping of goods across the US.

Goldworth Financial will even cover the cost of shipping if the item is valuable enough. Contrarily, international shipping is a challenging process that frequently results in high costs.

Why is the Goldworth Financial Shutdown?


This company’s demise was probably caused by financial mismanagement. They offered a variety of goods for incredibly inexpensive costs. It may surprise you to learn that many of their pricing was among the lowest in the precious metals sector.

However, they might have collapsed because, particularly in economic factors, the revenues were not there to support them. The fact that the business was regarded as a precious metals dealer is beneficial.

They have ties to independent storage sites that are still in operation today. They would have also provided their client with an authorized custodian if the client had purchased their precious metals IRA services. Your possessions are thus kept secure and guarded. To keep investing, you simply need to choose a new precious metals dealer.

They frequently took the position that their offerings comprised high-quality business goods and services. For individuals who were new to investing or preferred to do it in bulky precious metals, they were an excellent option.

However, the company shut its door close permanently, and its company website was abruptly taken down. Regardless matter the browser you choose, the site cannot load. In addition, the company’s main office in West Hills, California, is no longer open for business.

It’s clear that poor management is a big issue. You might assume that they were earning money at one point because certain investors stated that they were pleased with the company’s overall trajectory. A company’s impending demise is not just attributable to poor management. Even more damaging, this company may have closed down as a result of numerous complaints and regulatory inquiries. They might have decided to permanently close their doors if any of their transactions were thought to be illegal in order to avoid an IRS audit.

Goldworth Financial Review and Ratings

The Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau page for Goldworth Financial was deleted after it closed. However, other online reviews give the impression that the business is still active. However, it doesn’t appear that these reviews are authentic or posted by former clients.

Before its page shut down, The business kept up its high rating. It was only by closing the page that the reputation of Goldworth Financials and others who were employed there at the time could be preserved.

No one has filed a lawsuit against Goldworth Financial, according to the Better Business Bureau. It’s plausible that an investigation was conducted but that no one needed to act because the business chose to close before the government came down hard on the company.

On websites like those of the Business Consumer Alliance or the Better Business Bureau, among others, customers can file complaints about the business. Businesses are also inspected by federal and state government agencies.

What is the Precious Metals Industry

Precious Metal Industry is a sector of the economy that deals with the mining, refining, manufacturing, trading, and retailing of precious metals and stones.

Precious metals are alloys of metals that have a high economic value, such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Precious metals have gained prominence in the 21st century due to their industrial applications. Some of the major producers of precious metals include Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Russia, India, and China.


To sum it up, Before recently closing its doors, Goldworth Financial was an organization that operated for more than 20 years. It’s difficult to say why they closed permanently because they didn’t make an announcement. They might have shut down due to poor management, economic conditions, or other causes.

When the business was operating in the sector, it supplied precious metals by eliminating the intermediary and giving its clients exceptionally inexpensive pricing. Instead of purchasing from other US dealers, they directly purchased goods from their access to foreign markets. They were able to sell precious metals for a lot less money as a result.