Gold IRA Scams: 17 Things You Must Know To Avoid A Scam In 2022

You’ll quickly learn how to avoid gold IRA scams in the crazy world we live in today. This post covers more than a dozen things to look out for along with questions to ask yourself when considering investing in gold now.

Today, Gold IRA scams are prevalent online. It is vital to protect your funds if you decide to opt for gold investments. No doubt, gold is a solid and sound investment. Especially if you’re opting for a company like Gold Co.

However, you need to be aware of the tricks and thieves. Becoming receptive to the dangers can keep you safe and sound.

To all investors out there, you must be on your guard for the many types of precious metals investment scams and how they work so that you are able to keep yourself safe. Below are some of the common Gold IRA scams. Before you start putting your money to work, have a look below and understand the possible issues that can arise and how to avoid bad decisions. These are the things you must absolutely consider today.

Work with Reliable and Trusted Entities

Trust gold companies


Looking and working with a trusted entity for your procurements play a vital role in safe Gold IRAs investments.

Steer Clear of a Salesman that Asks for a Commission

Various Gold IRA companies employ salespeople who work for a fee. In this setting, you might be pressured into the sale. Don’t give way to the scare techniques that are usually used.

Pay Attention to High Rating

The gold industry is complex and scary. Even if you work with a firm with the highest rating, you should look for a company with honest reviews from people or users.

This is an effective way to know how the company works with customers.

Don’t Be Fooled By Celebrity Hook

A common approach in the gold industry is to engage a celebrity as a user or endorser.

Even if your idol is endorsing a specific company, this doesn’t signify that the company is reliable. You need to be aware of this. Now, some of the companies have genuine endorsements. Sean Hannity is an investor in gold and believes in gold. So that’s a 100% truthful endorsement that you can believe. The others, I don’t know, read the fine print!

Gold IRA Scams Really Exist

Gold IRA investments offer many perks. They provide a secure approach to securing your investment’s value from inflation as well as an unstable economy. Finding a reliable dealer makes buying and selling gold simple and stress-free

But, the gold market is not simple as you may think. Many scams are waiting for you. Before losing your investment, it is vital to act and know that possible scams exist carefully.

Fake Coin


This is the common and popular scam in Gold IRAs. If you are still getting familiar with the exact composition or formation of the metal, it is hard for you to differentiate the fake from the real one. Scammers usually melt different metals jointly.

Certain metals look like gold- the same appearance and weight.

False Documentation

false documents

Because of the latest technological development, it is now easier to copy documents that look authentic. Apps make it simple to manipulate documents too.

It only takes a few minutes to alter dates and descriptions and even forge signatures.

When it comes to gold investment, you’ll get an MS-70. It is vital to ensure that this paper is authentic.

If you receive false documents, you might be under the idea of acquiring superior minted coins without knowing that they are fake.

Unsolicited Offers

If someone calls out of the blue trying to lure you to a Gold IRA, they are probably not real.

A respected and reliable gold retailer wouldn’t do cold calling. A reliable gold dealer will instantly respond to your interest and not come to your place.

You must conduct proper business with a good Gold IRA custodian.

“Rare” Gold Coins

rare gold egg

Certain Gold IRA scams involve a seller trying to push rare coins. They will tell you that they are more precious than regular coins.

It is never wise to invest in rare coins as there is a chance that they don’t exist. Sometimes, they will offer you conventional coins under the deception that they’re rare.

Expensive Delivery Charges

If you buy gold online, it’s easy to become a victim of fraud. Some websites will sell gold at a very low price but will charge you high delivery charges.

The delivery charge is higher than the actual price of the gold and silver.

Counterfeit Coins

Selling counterfeit gold coins is another form of a Gold IRA scam. So, it means that the firm you’re dealing with will offer you counterfeit gold coins and then go after sending your payment.

Usually, these kinds of companies can be found outside the U.S. Therefore; they fall under federal regulations rather than state laws, which is so hard for the authority to track them.

These counterfeit gold coin sellers often provide low prices to lure you. Remember, a reliable seller will only offer gold and silver at a reasonable price.

Ponzi Schemes

This scheme happens when a firm uses its fund to pay off investors rather than investing in silver and gold.

They use the fund to enhance themselves and supplement others involved in the plans while you wait for returns from your money.

This is hard to detect. Luckily there are some indications that you must be aware of.

If they ask for payment upfront or if they guarantee high commissions on your investment, you have to stay away.

Understand Your Purchase

Because you are putting your fund on the line, you should have all of the details pertinent to the precious metals IRA you’re buying.

It would help if you asked many queries regarding the price and the precious metals you are acquiring.

You must assess the design and do a “ping” test to guarantee the gold or silver is 100% pure

How to 100% Stay Away from Gold IRA Scams

Here are some simple ways to steer clear of gold IRA scams of today…

Ask for Quick Delivery

A reliable company will only hold your physical gold or other precious metals for a short period prior to delivery. The gold-buying process must be fast and quick.

Keep Away from Unrealistic Offers

Sales that are too good to be true will cause you problems. Never rely on precious metals dealers who offer below-market value.

Payment Forms

You’ll be given an array of payment modes if you deal with a legit dealer. You might be pushed to pay using one specific method if a scam is involved.

Work with a Trusted Dealer

Not all gold dealers out there are reliable. It is vital to deal with brokers who have remarkable reputations.

Many sites offer legit customer reviews. You must also be watchful of independent third-party websites about consumer protection.

Check It Out

If you are looking for a Gold IRA company, search for third-party accreditation.

For instance, a reliable and legitimate precious metals dealer with high ratings from various review sites tends to be not involved in Gold scams.

  • TrustLink
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Business Consumer Alliance
  • RipOff Report
  • Trustpilot

Also, it is reassuring that a precious metal retailer has many years of experience in the business. For example, USA Gold is a family-owned operation.

Many respected silver coins or gold dealers have been owned and operated as a family business for decades. The company must have a verifiable address.

You also need to know the current value of gold and be attentive to attempts to overcharge you for bullion coins.

Never buy coins minted in places you never heard of. If you are hesitant, stick to American Eagles from the U.S. Mint.