Gold Alliance Review

Gold Alliance is not just a precious metals dealer. In business since 2016, Gold Alliance assists its customers with purchasing gold, silver, and platinum in coins, bars, and bullion, for both collecting and for your tax-sheltered retirement account. 

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Gold Alliance is not your typical investment company. They specialize in gold and silver, and do not offer stocks or mutual funds. They also do not currently deal in palladium and there is no mention on their site of if they intend to. What Gold Alliance does is make learning about precious metals investments easy, help you with the legwork to make sound investments, build a customized portfolio, and protect your privacy with a team of veteran employees who have over 85 years of combined experience. 

With so many gold dealers out there, how can you be sure which one is right for you? Keep reading this Gold Alliance Review to find out if they’re the company that will suit all of your precious metals investment needs. 

gold alliance review

Who is Gold Alliance?

Gold Alliance, headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, was co-founded and is led by Fred Abadi, Joseph Sherman, and Kevin Troy; Sherman is the CEO who has worked in various avenues of the financial services industry for over 20 years. Kevin Troy is the Senior Portfolio Manager who began his career working for JP Morgan Chase, which eventually led to over 15 years of experience in the precious metal investment industry.

Fred Abadi holds a degree in business management, has worked with precious metals investments for over 15 years, and is also a Senior Portfolio Manager. 

As a leader in precious metals, Gold Alliance is a member of several industry organizations, including:

  • National Ethics Association (NEA)
  • AA Business Consumer Alliance
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Industry Council for Tangible Assets
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

Gold Alliance Services

Because Gold Alliance specializes in gold and IRA’s, they have become experts in self-directed investments. Traditional IRA’s do not allow for alternative investment options like a self-directed account does. This means you can purchase IRA-approved gold, silver, and other precious  metals for your retirement account without consequences or tax penalties. 

If you wish, you can have your precious metals shipped directly to your home through FedEx or the US Post Office or to a depository of your choosing. Other services that Gold Alliance offers its clients include:

  • Lifetime support
  • Individual portfolio team
  • Buybacks
  • Additional IRA contributions
  • Required minimum distributions
  • Help with paperwork regarding your investments and storage
  • Rebalancing your portfolio during economic challenges
  • Videos, emails, and educational articles

Gold Storage and Buybacks

Gold Alliance uses Delaware Depository for its preferred depository. Delaware Depository offers excellent service, the choice of segregated or non-segregated storage,  and insurance provided by Lloyd’s of London. However, you have the option to use a depository of your choice as well. 

Gold Alliance also has a “no questions asked” buyback program that they are extremely proud of. If you made purchases of bars and coins from them, they will buy it back at current market values. If your purchases were with another company, they will want to examine and inspect the gold before extending you an offer. It is important to note that this buyback program only applies to coins and bars. 

Fees and Minimum Investments

No matter what investment firm you go with, you will have fees and minimums, so Gold Alliance is no different. Your specific fees will be explained to you by your account executive, however, the typical fees are as follows:

  • Precious Metals IRA minimum investment-$20 with an annual fee of $180
  • Non-IRA minimum investment-$10,000 with an annual fee of $180

Fees are necessary as a way to cover your storage costs and insurance. Gold Alliance often offers special promotions to help offset these fees, such as decreasing the IRA cost by 5%. 

If you are purchasing precious metals for non-IRA investment purposes, you will not be charged any fees and all of your purchases will be delivered to your home, fully insured, and require a signature upon receipt. You can store your non-IRA purchases with Gold Alliance, but it will cost you $180.  

Gold Alliance Products

Gold Alliance offers a wide variety of options for investors. This includes popular coins such as the one-quarter, one-half, and one-ounce gold American Eagle. Other products that you can purchase from Gold Alliance include:

  • Common gold bullion
  • Common silver bullion
  • Premium gold coins
  • Premium silver coins
  • Platinum

If you have any questions about inventory and/or pricing, a simple call to Gold Alliance is all you will need to do as they do not list prices on their website. If you decide that you want to open a gold IRA, they have partnerships with Goldstar Trust, Equity Trust, and STRATA, some of the most well-known custodians that are out there. 

How To Set-Up Your Gold IRA With Gold Alliance

Setting up your Gold IRA with Gold Alliance is simple and only requires three, easy steps. These include:

  • Step One-Contact Gold Alliance: Call Gold Alliance and request an application. You will be sent a FedEx prepaid envelope with your application and it takes about 10 minutes to fill out. Once Gold Alliance receives it back your account should be set-up within 24 hours. 
  • Step Two-Fund Your Account: A Gold Alliance representative will assist you in rolling over your assets and/or a 401K to fund your gold IRA. It will take approximately 5 business days for this procedure. 
  • Step Three-Choose Your Investments: After your account is funded, a representative will help you to make the best purchases for your account based on your economic goals. Purchases can be made with a wire transfer or cash. 

The Bottom Line on Gold Alliance

There are many precious metals companies you can choose for your collectibles and precious metals IRA investments. So many that it can make your head spin and give up before you’ve even started. Gold Alliance gold, based in Woodland Hills, has not only taken that frustration and confusion out of the investment world, but they’ve also become one of the most popular precious metals companies out there. They have worked hard to build their reputation and it has made them one of the best and most reliable in the industry.

If you are looking to begin your non-traditional investment portfolio, Gold Alliance is definitely a company to check out.

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