Capitalist Exploits Review

My Capitalist Exploits review covers everything I learned after visiting and If you’re interested in learning about how this company can help you on the investment side of things, then keep reading. After reading, you’ll know basically everything you need to in order to make a decision on whether or not joining is a good idea. I cover, who the owner of the program is, what services they provide, The cost, what type of information you’ll learn and so much more. Ready to check it out now? CLICK HERE IF SO

capex insider review


For most people, especially novices in the investment world, it is extremely hard to know what to invest in at this point.

On the other hand, although you know what you like to invest in, are you sure that it is a smart and wise investment? Worry no more, as Capitalist Exploits is here to help.

The people behind this company have the tools, experience, and know-how to navigate the immense wealth of knowledge that is vital to becoming successful in trading.

This Capitalist Exploits review will take a deeper dive to determine if their investment research service is worthwhile.

Capitalist Exploits Review: An Overview of the Company

If you are into investing and searching for the best investment newsletter, Capitalist Exploits is the right choice.

For aspiring investors wanting the best returns than those worthless 10% annual gains, then Capital Exploits is what you want- the advanced and revolutionary thinking financial newsletter that is intended for people like you who need more from your investment.

Capitalist Exploits is a reliable investment newsletter that focuses on lesser-known investment opportunities, aiming for remarkable returns. It is one of the most superb opportunities for aspiring traders and investors in the corporate world.

The Capitalist Exploits team takes a careful and thorough method regardless of your investing style by keeping tabs on many global macroeconomic factors, which span from susceptibilities in the crude oil supply chain to Bitcoin’s inflationary impact, and makes distinctive investments based on those useful insights.

This is not your typical and useless newsletter run by incompetent and inexperienced people. Capitalist Exploits has gathered a small group of skilled ex-hedge fund managers who are well-versed in their stuff.

Aside from providing sound and valuable advice regarding global financial markets, Capitalist Exploits is also confident in its trading recommendations. They put their capital into each trade they recommend.

With good records to support their claims, rest assured that the Capitalist Exploits team means business. To ensure that they are competent and reliable, they offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked. This allows you to dive into their professional advice and see the results, risk-free.

Aside from sound advice and a money-back guarantee, the company also built a tight-knit team of contrarian investors who see things differently.

These folks are not afraid to take calculated risks as well as go against the crowd. This is what makes this apart from the rest.

At Capitalist Exploits, there are no cookie-hunter recommendations. It is all about uncovering hidden gems and thinking outside the box.

capex insider newsletter

Who is Accountable for Capitalist Exploits?

Chris MacIntosh and Brad McFadden founded capitalist exploits. They both have a track record of making profitable investments, and they are both seasoned analysts and investors.

They draw on years of knowledge and experience to offer the information.

Who Is Chris MacIntosh?

Capitalist Exploits was discovered and owned by Chris MacIntosh. He founded a real estate trading company after working for a respected financial firm.

Young and extremely successful, most especially in real estate, he used his savings to put up a venture capital firm. Then, after selling that business, he began what is now known as Capitalist Exploits.

How Capitalist Exploits Operates

Capitalist Exploits works in many ways, which include:

Insider Weekly

This is the core of Capitalist Exploits service. This is a newsletter delivered every week offering investment advice from high-performing financial professionals, stock picks as well as insights into the investment of hedge fund managers.

Capitalist Exploits Insider subscribers also get email alerts on asymmetric opportunities, giving them real-time access to the investment process.

Investor Forum

This is another service offered by the company. Here, like-minded people including skilled and professional money managers and investors meet up and gather to share views and debate investment techniques.


The forum functions like a virtual venture capital platform where members can assess individual stocks and investment opportunities, mirroring the process experienced by successful hedge fund managers.

Capitalist Exploits Features

Capitalist Exploits offers a lot of features to help traders become successful in their trades.  Here are the exciting features of this newsletter service provider:

Newsletter: Curated investment ideas and tips are sent to you every week, which include macro investing recommendations, Big Five stock investment ideas, as well as insights from a skilled team.

Stocks With Deep Value: The company also offers exclusive insights into foreign stocks that are undervalued by have considerable growth potential.

Macro Commentary: They also offer expert and proficient analysis of events and trends in the global market, offering, an all-inclusive overview of the global economy and helping in stock assessment.

CapEx Insider Membership: Capitalist Exploits’ premium service includes time alerts. This is an active insider community forum, educational video series, monthly question and answer sessions with skilled investors with proven track records, mentorship program as well and access to the Capitalist Exploits Portfolio, as well as diversified portfolio strategy support.

Trade Alerts: They also offer timely notifications regarding stocks, global market trends, as well as impactful events.

Insider Community Forum: A valuable community forum where people can connect, share views and insights as well as learn from the experience of each investor.

Education: This is an educational video series ideal for newbies or beginners to pick up the basics of investing with confidence. There is also a proprietary trading book available for subscribers to use for successful investments.

Mentorship: This includes guidance and assistance in developing a solid investment technique.

Capital Exploits Portfolio Access

This gives Capitalist Exploits members direct access to a precisely researched and well-chosen portfolio of high-growth opportunities.

Capitalist Exploits Cost

Capitalist Exploits knows the varied needs of professional investors and offers an array of pricing alternatives to cater to their exact needs.

The subscription to the Insider Newsletter commences with a minimal $1 trial fee for the initial month, followed by a monthly charge of $35, guaranteeing accessibility for those seeking valuable insights.

For those desiring a more immersive and all-inclusive experience, the option of the CapEx Insider annual membership stands at a competitive rate of $2,499.

With a commitment to providing the best investment service, Capitalist Exploits Insider extends a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

This unique offering affords you the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the service throughout an entire month.

If the experience does not align with your expectations in any way, you have the freedom to request a refund without any queries or concerns. Your satisfaction and peace of mind remain at the forefront of our commitment to you.

What Types of Investment Opportunities Are Suggested by Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits puts its main focus on value-driven investment methods, with the objective of finding and advocating for investment prospects that the market has underrated.

At the core of their approach lies the identification of differences between an asset’s real value and its perceived assessment within the stock market.

While their investment recommendations span a diverse array of asset categories, here are the main types they commonly endorse:


Much of the counsel offered by Capitalist Exploits centers around individual company stocks, particularly those deemed undervalued.

This encompasses both domestic and international equities across a wide spectrum of industries.


On occasion, Capitalist Exploits include bonds, both of government and corporate origin, in their suggestions.

This is especially true when there are opportunities for substantial returns or when bonds can act as a risk-mitigating element within a well-rounded portfolio.


Reflecting founder Chris MacIntosh’s background in commodity markets, Capitalist Exploits frequently integrates commodities such as precious metals or oil into their investment strategies.


In response to the emergence of digital assets, Capitalist Exploits offers insights into the cryptocurrency market.

However, given the inherent volatility and risk associated with this asset class, any cryptocurrency-related advice is dispensed with comprehensive explanations and cautious guidance.

Global Markets

Drawing from Chris MacIntosh’s extensive global experience, Capitalist Exploits also delves into opportunities within global markets.

This encompasses international equities, bonds, and other assets that contribute to diversification advantages for investors.

It is important to note that the specific blend of recommended investments may fluctuate over time, influenced by prevailing market conditions, emerging trends, and the distinct opportunities identified by the Capitalist Exploits team.

Throughout, the overarching objective remains consistent: to present high-reward investment possibilities while prudently managing risk.

Who Can Benefit Most from Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits caters to a diverse spectrum of investors, encompassing both those who are new to the investment arena and seasoned experts. However, its appeal is particularly pronounced for the following segments:

Seasoned Investors

These individuals possess extensive experience navigating the intricacies of financial markets over numerous years.

They possess a comprehensive grasp of the inherent risks and are unfazed by making substantial investment choices.

Capitalist Exploits stands as an appealing platform for them, presenting high-yield investment prospects coupled with a community of kindred spirits.

The investment strategy advanced by Capitalist Exploits revolves around capitalizing on asymmetric risks, akin to the tactics employed by triumphant hedge fund managers.

Professional Fund Managers

These adept individuals administer funds on behalf of others and perpetually seek out the most optimal investment avenues.

They require precise and punctual data to make well-informed investment determinations. Capitalist Exploits conveniently provides the “Insider Weekly” newsletter, delivering investment counsel, stock selections, and insights into the investment methodologies of hedge fund managers.

Moreover, it extends a forum for these managers to engage, exchange perspectives, and assess investment possibilities.

Budding Investors

An aspiring investor who is embarking on their investment journey is within this category. They might possess rudimentary knowledge of the stock market but yearn for direction and a meticulously crafted investment blueprint.

Capitalist Exploits extends a trial phase, allowing them to explore the service, draw insights from experienced investors, and partake in simulated trading (paper trading) to gain hands-on familiarity without exposing their personal investments.

Enthusiasts of Global Markets

The purview of this service surpasses geographical boundaries. Chris MacIntosh, the visionary behind Capitalist Exploits, brings to the table his extensive wisdom acquired during his tenure at institutions like Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa and other global ventures.

The platform furnishes insights into worldwide investment prospects, constituting a valuable asset for those keen on broadening their investment portfolio.

Capitalist Exploits caters to these diverse niches, fostering a nurturing environment for growth, education, and strategic investment decisions.

Pros and Cons of Capitalist Exploits

Like other service providers out there, Capitalist Exploits also comes with pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros:

Pros of Capitalist Exploits

Value-Oriented Strategy

Capitalist Exploits focuses on identifying undervalued investment opportunities, potentially leading to higher returns.

Expert Insights

Subscribers gain access to insights from experienced investors, including founder Chris MacIntosh, offering valuable perspectives on global markets.

Community Interaction

The platform provides a community for investors to interact, share ideas, and learn from one another.

Diverse Asset Coverage

Capitalist Exploits covers various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, offering a well-rounded approach.

Professional Fund Manager Insights

Professional money managers can benefit from the newsletter’s advice and stock picks, enhancing their decision-making process.

Global Perspective

The service offers insights into global investment opportunities, providing diversification possibilities beyond a specific geographic market.

Trial Period

Aspiring investors can explore the service through a trial period, allowing them to learn and practice without risking real funds.

Risk Management Focus

The strategy aims to exploit asymmetric risk, similar to successful hedge fund managers, potentially leading to better risk-adjusted returns.

Cons of Capitalist Exploits:

Subscription Fees

The service requires a subscription fee, which may be a deterrent for some potential users.

Market Risk

Like all investments, there is inherent market risk, and recommendations may not always yield expected returns.


Some investment strategies and concepts discussed may be complex for novice investors to understand.

Cryptocurrency Volatility

While insights into the cryptocurrency market are provided, the inherent volatility and risk of this asset class may not be suitable for all investors.

Changing Recommendations

Recommended investments can change over time based on market conditions, which may require subscribers to adapt their portfolios.

Limited Trial Period

The trial period may not provide enough time for thorough evaluation, especially for those seeking to make long-term investment decisions.

No Guarantee of Profits

Despite the strategies and insights provided, there is no guarantee of profits, and investment outcomes can vary.

Dependency on Advice

Subscribers may become overly reliant on the advice provided, potentially impacting their own independent investment skills.

It’s important to carefully consider these pros and cons in the context of your own investment goals, risk tolerance, and level of experience before deciding whether Capitalist Exploits is the right fit for you.

Is a Broker Needed?

The answer is yes.  You are required to use a broker if you would like to invest utilizing Capitalist Exploits. Broker is required to have a way to buy and sell stocks.

There are a lot of different brokers out there, therefore, choosing one that works for you is vital. Prior to hiring a broker, make sure to consider the fees, user-friendliness as well as features.

Not all brokers are made the same. Some offer their service at a higher fee but have remarkable features. On the contrary, some provide their service for a low rate but have limited features. Therefore, it is vital to look for one that is ideal for you.

Capitalist Exploits Review: The Best Newsletter Service Online

In summary, the impact of Capitalist Exploits on the landscape of investment newsletters cannot be overstated.

Distinguished by their distinctive approach to identifying opportunities at the sector level, providing comprehensive reports, and delivering expert insights, they truly stand apart from their peers.

Guided by the adept leadership of Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden, this platform extends an unparalleled community experience and an array of services tailored to meet your investment requirements.

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the premium offerings of Insider or dip your toes into the insights of The Insider Newsletter, Capitalist Exploits guarantees that you will possess invaluable knowledge to drive your decision-making process.

Therefore, seize the opportunity at hand to delve into potentially profitable ventures and enrich your investment voyage. Embrace the transformative potential of Capitalist Exploits and embrace a realm brimming with prospects for gains and financial triumph.