Americans Fear They Will Lose Their Life Savings In 2023

We are in BIG TROUBLE in America. There is so much fear right now that you cannot even imagine. In fact, there is more fear today than we’ve seen in years.

A closer look at the inflation statistics shows the real story.

55% Of Americans today fear losing their life savings in 2023.

This is about as scary as it gets and the numbers are from a survey done by Real Estate Witch.

Over half of Americans worry about losing their life savings due to a potential recession, with 75% believing one is on the way.

Additionally, 69% of Americans think the country is already in a recession. Despite the GDP increase in the fourth quarter of 2022, 63% of people remain pessimistic about the economy in 2023.

Inflation has significantly contributed to economic worries, with prices for food at home rising by 10.1% year-over-year.

The Federal Reserve has been increasing interest rates to combat inflation, but the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has raised questions about future policy decisions. More failed FDIC banks are coming too. Bet on that!

As interest rates may impact credit card and mortgage rates, consumers may want to consider refinancing or using a personal loan to pay off high-interest debt.

If you’re struggling today and your retirement savings are shrinking then you’re not the only one. Also, what’s most important isn’t that you’re not the only one, it’s that you’ve got options to stop the bleeding.

Having spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing gold companies, I know that this is by far the safest option out there today.

What Should You Do Now?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple. My advice is to invest your retirement with a gold IRA company versus a traditional 401k.

This will protect your savings for years to come and help you fight the inflation we’re facing in America today.

Don’t be the person left behind who has nothing at the end of the recession due to poor decisions. Instead, play it safe and smart with gold.

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