Best Alternative Investment Options of 2024

We are specialists in gold, silver, and other precious metal investments and we know which opportunities are right for the market today. Learn more about the top ranked gold IRA companies in the United States today and if ready, get your free investor kit instantly. To learn more, see the official gold individual retirement account reports displayed below. Our number one choice is Goldco, formerly known as Goldco Precious Metals. 

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Best Choice Award Winner

Important Facts About Alternative Investment Options

Investing in an alternative money retirement plan is easy today, especially when you have all the information at your fingertips. If you wish to start a gold or silver IRA, stop reading now and head to see which company ranks number one! If you’re looking for more information and have decisions to make, then presented below, you will find the most elite and prominent gold investing companies in the United States. These companies have all been thoroughly examined by our personnel, and following a thorough vetting process, they have all demonstrated competence in various areas. Our sophisticated research process has led us to a single conclusion, which we fully endorse and back for all American investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio and invest in precious metals. Yes, that means you! Check out the list of top-rated gold IRA companies and find out how you can transfer your traditional 401(k) to a gold IRA.

#1 Ranked - Goldco IRA Company

#2 Ranked - Augusta Precious Metals

#3 Ranked - Birch Gold Group

What Is A 401k Rollover Plan?

A gold 401k rollover is an investment strategy in which you switch your current 401(k) or IRA plan’s money from investments in equities and mutual funds, which are based on currency, to investments in precious metals, primarily gold. Billionaires and millionaire investors use this investing method to safely hedge volatile financial markets and keep a well-rounded retirement portfolio. Many consumers living in the United States roll their 401k over into an alternative money fund when there is inflation or when the economy is otherwise unstable. Investing in gold, silver, and palladium may be a better approach during times of uncertainty, inflation, bank insolvency, and overall economic collapse. Typically, gold values rise when the dollar value drops. This is the best time to invest.

Our Ratings At Alt Money Fund

Our ratings are done by consumer research, interviewing companies, and keeping our pulse on the industry.  Companies like Augusta Precious Metals are getting rave reviews on watchdog sites like Our Fiscal Security, as well as others.  We curate these reviews to bring you the best information so you can make solid investment decisions.