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There is simply too much action going on in cryptocurrencies right now. Talk about drama and opportunity, though, wow, this is epic and the biggest moment since around early 2013. Bitcoin has maxed out with scalability and money is now flowing into other options that have less competing interests, keeping it from being updated.


Alternative Money Fund® is a crypto currency hedge fund that is committed to provide exceptional returns though an actively managed portfolio of blockchain assets. With the emergence of Bitcoin, Altcoins and this exciting new technology has created a new asset class for investors. The volatility associated with the cryptographic verification and game theoretic equilibrium, these blockchain-based digital assets create valuable opportunities in an actively traded portfolio, Our trading strategy does NOT use leverage or margin. Returns are reported monthly and capital accounts may be increased or redeemed each month.


Typical hedge funds charge 2% and 20% (2% management fee per year and a 20% incentive allocation of profits). Alternative Money Fund (or The Fund) charges 2% management fee and 20% incentive allocation of the profits (or performance fee).


Target Market:

The Target Market for the subscription to the PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) are H.N.W.I. (High Net Worth Individuals) or institutions who are Accredited or Qualified. From a recent survey only as many as 6% of people asked were familiar or somewhat familiar with Bitcoin. Due to my own personal research, even fewer have ever traded or held altcoins (market research on social media).


Investors need exposure to this new asset class of digital blockchain-based assets as the Federal Reserve continues to increase its balance sheet and create more money supply. These assets are designed by fundamental scarcity mathematical laws that make them scarce and valuable when inflation or hyperinflation takes place, as we have seen in a handful of central banks and governments around the world.


The total value of the North American Hedge Fund assets under management has just recently exceeded $1.5 Trillion USD AUM and there is more than $3 Trillion USD AUM in the world all together. For example Polychain Capital (just one of a handful of funds dedicated to this asset class) raised $10MM from a VC firm recently.



Marketing is done by word of mouth, internet, hedge fund databases, 3rd party marketers, and other sources. The first $500k of assets under management will pay zero fees for the first year of operation.



Distribution of the marketing material will be done by face-to-face meetings with potential investors and funds. Mail-outs, business cards and phone calls to friends and family and others will also be done. We are not planning on getting too aggressive with this plan, more organic growth is desired.



For example $10,000 USD invested in Bitcoin 8 years ago would be worth over $40MM USD today. Identifying valuable blockchain assets is the number one priority to cultivating superior returns.


Currently for 2017 YTD performance for “The Fund” (personal account) for just 3 months has returned +89.77% Gross before fees or taxes. At this rate, annualized it is performing at a whopping theoretical pace of 359% per year. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities. Offers are made only by prospectus or other offering materials. To obtain further information, you must complete our investor questionnaire and meet the suitability standards required by law.